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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:15 PM
Chapter 1303: Chapter 1303 - The silly woman
Chapter 1303 The silly woman

“Yes . ” The man in grey responded with a smile in his eyes . The country ruler and the crown prince had never had a meal together . He must have been looking forward to it .

“Your Majesty . ”

Feng Jiu was led by Xuanyuan Mo Ze to enter the place . She released her hand and gave him a salute .

“Imperial Father . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze called out with an indifferent tone .

“I asked her to come . What are you doing here! Are you afraid I’m going to eat her?” The country ruler snorted coldly . He glanced at Xuanyuan Mo Ze and then told Feng Jiu, “What are you still standing for? Sit down!”

“Ah?” Feng Jiu was still listening to him scolding Xuanyuan Mo Ze . She was caught off guard and was startled .

“What ‘ah’? I told you to sit down and eat with me!”

As soon as she heard his reply, her eyes lit up . She stared at the table full of delicious food, smiled happily, and sat down with Xuanyuan Mo Ze . “Thank you, Your Majesty . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at the prepared two pairs of chopsticks without speaking .

“Eat! Go back to where you came from after you’re done eating, so you don’t have to be a nuisance here every day!” The country ruler pulled a long face . He was tired of watching them . Finished speaking, he took the chopsticks and ate what the palace servant had put in front of him .

Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed . She looked at him then at Xuanyuan Mo Ze again . Without saying anything, she stood up, put some food on the plate and brought them to the country ruler . “Please tell me what you want to eat and I’ll get it for you . ”

“Mm . ” The country ruler responded and paid no attention to them .

“Please try this . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze took out some food and put it on Feng Jiu’s bowl . “Eat while it’s hot . ”

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“Well, I ate this yesterday . It’s delicious . Try this, too . ” She took it and put it in his bowl .

In the main seat, although the country ruler was eating, he was paying attention to the two people from the corner of his eyes . He watched them help each other take some food from time to time . Their words were not many, but the trust and warmth that permeated the two people made his eyes feverish .

He slightly lowered his eyes and took a sip of the tea to mask the abnormality on his face .

However, at this time, after Xuanyuan Mo Ze passed a bowl of soup to Feng Jiu, she motioned toward the country ruler who was drinking tea . Xuanyuan Mo Ze pursed his lips . His eyes were slightly heavy . He made no movement after a long time .

Seeing the woman beside him pull his sleeve and gestured at him from time to time, he ladled a bowl again and then put it in front of the country ruler . His voice was cold and stiff . “Don’t drink tea while having a meal . Take the soup . ”

The country ruler was stunned . He looked up at him and saw that he had already eaten some food . If it was not for a bowl of hot soup in front of him, he would even think it was an illusion .

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Feng Jiu smiled at the country ruler . She said nothing more and continued to eat .

However, the country ruler put down his teacup and picked up the bowl of hot soup after his surprise . He felt his heart was tingling, sour and acrid . Something seemed stuck on his throat and he could not speak .

At the time of a meal, the atmosphere of the table was unusually quiet, with only Feng Jiu’s smiling voice enquiring about something . Xuanyuan Mo Ze responded briefly and the country ruler on the main seat peeked at them from time to time . It took them an hour to finish the meal .

After the country ruler stood up and left without saying a word, Feng Jiu put away her chopsticks, touched her round tummy and smiled happily . “I’m so full . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze smiled and scolded her . “Silly woman . ”

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