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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:16 PM
Chapter 1301: Chapter 1301 - Entering by mistake
Chapter 1301 Entering by mistake

Standing in front of the flowers, her hands condensed spirit energy breath . With pointed fingers, all the dews on the flowers in front of her had been sucked up to form tiny droplets and fell into the bottle .

The dark guard who saw this scene from the hidden place was surprised . Gathering dew was not what ordinary people could do . You know, when collecting flower dews, if the spirit energy wasn’t well-controlled, not only would it destroy the flowers, but also made the dews evaporate into water mist .

The dew to make tea for the country ruler was collected by the palace maids since early morning . No one had ever tried to collect the flower dews with the spirit energy . Moreover, this attempt was successful .

When Feng Jiu used her spirit energy to collect flower dews, she had an epiphany . Wouldn’t it be great if she were to add some spirit herbs with the dew from all sorts of flowers and refine them into fragrance pills? The dew from every kind of flower had sweet scents as well as belonged to rootless water . If it was used for alchemy…

With this thought, she had the impulse to try refining medicinal pills again . However, she knew that it’s not good to refine anything here, so she could only suppress this idea . After all, if she refined here, it’s alright if she was successful . However, if it failed, she had no idea what would happen .

She looked at the dew collected in the bottle earlier . There was less than half a bottle, so she went to another place and collected the dew again . In less than half an hour, she collected all the dew in the royal garden . She took a small bottle for herself and took the rest to the palace, looking for that palace servant from yesterday .

“This is the flower dew . Take it for the country ruler to make tea . ” Feng Jiu delivered the flower dew to that palace servant . She turned around to leave, planning to go back to catch up on her sleep .

“Flower dew? This much? ” The palace servant looked at several full bottles with amazement .

Were these really collected by her? Could these be mixed with water? This thought made his expression change . Maybe it was mixed with water . Otherwise, as she did this by herself in one morning, it’s impossible for her to collect so much .

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Feng Jiu shot him a glance and knew what he was thinking . “Don’t worry . It’s the flower dew, it’s not been with water . ” As she finished speaking, Feng Jiu waved and went outside .

On the other side, the country ruler heard the report from the dark guard and his sharp eyes jolted . “Oh? Is there such a thing? ”

“Yes . In addition, she did it skilfully . ”

The dark guard replied in a low voice . In fact, he received an order to watch the woman . Previously, in the forest, he saw that she was extraordinary and her skill was better than that of the Scarlet Water Country’s Third Princess . The Scarlet Water Crown Prince was no match for her . A woman like this should be worthy of His Highness the Crown Prince, but they had no idea what kind of family that woman had . If she wasn’t from the Eight Supreme Empires’ royal families, she must have come from an influential clan .

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The country ruler was absorbed in thought after listening to the report . He was silent for a long time .

When Feng Jiu returned to the courtyard, she went in with a yawn . The drowsiness made her sleepier . She could not even open her eyes, especially when it only took her an hour or so to collect the flower dew . Coupled with the fact that the sky was not completely bright, the dark sky made her feel that it was still late at night .

After entering the room directly, she took off her coat and collapsed on the bed . She pulled up the quilt and continued to sleep…

However, when she covered herself with the quilt, the warm bed startled her . She reached out and fumbled around…

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