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Published at 14th of August 2020 07:33:30 PM
Chapter 1299: Chapter 1299 - A Bowl Of Noodles
Chapter 1299 A Bowl Of Noodles

“When we return to the residence I will tell the kitchen to prepare anything you want to eat . ” He held her hand with one hand and tucked her hair that had fallen loose behind her ear with his other hand .

“Alright . ” Her eyes crinkled up as she smiled at him happily . Then, as if she just thought of something, she asked: “Have you eaten?”

“My Lord hasn’t eaten yet . He’s been waiting for you to return . ” Gray Wolf interrupted .

When she heard this, she looked at Xuanyuan Moze and asked: “What would you like to eat? I will tell the kitchen staff to make it and send it over . ”

“No need, it’s fine to skip one meal . Besides, there’s nothing much I really want to eat . ”

“How can you not eat and last till the next morning? It’s not good for your health if you starve yourself . Let’s go! You will come to the kitchen with me, come on . ” She pulled him along and walked out .

When Gray Wolf and Shadow One saw this, they followed behind .

Because it was already too late for dinner, there was a lot of food that was ready to eat in the kitchen . However, Feng Jiu didn’t touch any of them but asked Xuanyuan Mo Ze to wait outside the kitchen for her . She rolled up her sleeves intending to prepare some food for him by herself .

“My Lord, Ghost Doctor is going to prepare dinner for you by herself! Gray Wolf saw My Lord looking inside the kitchen and said to him enviously: “I heard that Ghost Doctor’s culinary skills are quite good but I haven’t had a chance to taste it . ”

Upon hearing that, Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him coolly then got up and walked to the kitchen door . He leaned against the kitchen door and watched the figure in red being busy in there . His heart softened inexplicably and he felt a warm current surging up in his heart, filling his heart up .

At this moment, he only felt a sense of peace in his heart, he only had the busy red figure in his eyes . This kind of warm feeling that his heart belonged to someone was indeed wonderful .

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It wasn’t rice, nor was it porridge and it was not dim sum either . All she made was a bowl of noodles . She thought that he was probably bored of eating all those things, so she made him a simple bowl of noodles! Maybe his appetite would be better .

It took her about an hour to knead the noodles, boil the noodles in a pot of water and put them in a bowl with garnish on top . When she brought out the bowl of piping hot noodles to the table outside, she smiled brightly and said: “It’s ready, taste it quickly and tell me what you think . ”

“Alright . ” He nodded in response and came to the table to sit down . He looked at the noodles, it wasn’t simple or ordinary after she had made it .

“There are vegetables, eggs, meat and spring onions . I’m feeling hungry just looking at it . ” Gray Wolf rubbed his stomach and looked at Feng Jiu fawningly: “Ghost Doctor, you made quite a lot, is there any left for us in there? Have you got any left that you haven’t cooked?”

Feng Jiu laughed when she heard that . She was just about to say yes when she heard Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s voice .

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“If you want to eat, make it yourself . This is mine!” He said domineeringly . He had already picked up his chopsticks to start eating . Feng Jiu made these noodles for him . The two of them actually want to eat it? They can dream on!

The three of them were stunned when they heard his words . Gray Wolf looked at the bowl of noodles in front of My Lord and asked eagerly: “My Lord, will you still be able to eat more after you finish such a large bowl of noodles?”

Upon hearing this, he glanced coldly at Gray Wolf then turned to Feng Jiu and said: “Save the rest for supper tonight . ”

Feng Jiu couldn’t help but chuckle: “Yes, yes, I’ll listen to everything you say . ” After saying that, she looked apologetically at Gray Wolf . There was no choice, her man was domineering and was not willing to share the food she made for him with them!

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