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Published at 2nd of August 2020 07:55:07 PM
Chapter 1296: 1296

 “What?…How could this be?”

She exclaimed out as she looked on incredulously as she saw his hand swelling up quickly before her very eyes . Mere moments later, the size of his entire palm nearly doubled and it was as thick as a bear’s paw . What shocked her most, however, was that when she reached her hand out to touch it, she felt a scorching heat and it was as if she was touching a ball of fire! She had no choice but to pull her hand back .

“Crown Prince Elder Brother, let’s head back quickly and check what is going on . ”

She supported him, thinking that although his body had gradually recovered after taking the sixth-order restoration pill, it would take a few days to recover to the original state . But now that this hand had inexplicably swelled up for no rhyme or reason, how was this a good thing?

The Scarlet Water Crown Prince stared at his palm, was in deep contemplation after he recovered from his initial shock . He remembered that it was this very hand that had torn off that woman’s clothes, could it be…

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Thinking of this, his eyes trembled slightly . If that was the case, why hadn’t the doctor who checked him before discovered this?

Could it be that the woman was a master of poison? The last time, he almost collapsed and this time his palm had swollen into the size of a bear’s paw . This was all her doing!

Very soon, the burning sensation on his palm started to radiate to his body . The excruciating pain was unbearable, causing big beads of sweat to drip down his forehead . Trying his best to endure the intense burning sensation, it was difficult for him to even breathe . Gasping desperately for breath, he had no choice but to let his sister help him back .

However, on their way out, he saw two people walking towards him . When he saw them, his expression sank . It was really hateful to think that he, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince had fallen for their ploys again and again!

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When Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw the Scarlet Water Crown Prince, his gaze turned cold, but when he noticed his swollen red hot palm, there was a glint of surprise in his eyes .

Princess Yingxue stared at the woman in red wearing the veil hatefully as she gritted her teeth and helped her Imperial Brother to pass by them . At this moment, she heard that hateful woman’s voice filled with glee .

“Scarlet Water Crown Prince, why are your hands red and swollen? Are you alright?”

Feng Jiu smiled and looked with relish at the sight of the Scarlet Water Crown Prince who was enduring with all his might . Hmph! Dare to tear her clothes? Were her clothes so easy to tear?

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“Miss has some ability!” He sucked in a cold breath and stared at the woman in red, only to see the laughter in her eyes .

“This is in return for Scarlet Water Crown Prince for tearing my clothes off, there is no need to thank me for it . ”

“It’s you! Did you poison my Crown Prince Elder Brother?” Princess Yingxue asked angrily . If it wasn’t for Crown Prince Xuanyuan’s presence, she would have rushed forward and tore off all cordiality .

“Poison? No no no, how could I poison Scarlet Water Crown Prince? You are guests and it is impolite to poison guests . ” She shook her head and said, seeing Princess Yingxue looking like she wanted to kill her, she kindly reminded: “Princess Yingxue, don’t get too close to me . I still have some powdered medicine on my body . ”


“By the way, do you smell something?” When she said this, the faces of both the Scarlet Water Crown Prince and Princess Yingxue changed . They no longer dared to tarry and left quickly .

Seeing them fleeing in a hurry, Feng Jiu couldn’t help but chuckle and laughed out: “Why are their guts so small?”

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze who stood by her side saw her radiant smile, he couldn’t help but curled up his lips upwards…

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