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Chapter 1293: 1293

When the Scarlet Water Crown Prince heard this, he narrowed his effeminate eyes slightly at him and said nothing .

But Princess Yingxue was unable to bear this . She stood up and glared at Xuanyuan Mo Ze . “Prince Xuanyuan, what do you mean by this? Was hurting my brother your way to show hospitality? ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at her . He scoffed at her with a voice filled with contempt . “Didn’t he deserve it? He wanted to compete with me, but after finding out that he’s not my match, he turned against my people . It’s his luck that I didn’t kill him on the spot . ”

Princess Yingxue choked and couldn’t say anything to refute it, so she glared at Feng Jiu who was standing by . “It’s a disaster caused by this beauty!” When she said this, she turned to the man on the throne . “Ruler, I hope you can give us an explanation today!”

“Mm, please be at ease . I will definitely give you an explanation . ” The country ruler answered while facing the two of them . “Let’s do this! The Scarlet Water Crown Prince hasn’t fully recovered yet . He’s not fit to sit here for too long . Please go back and have a rest first . ”

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Princess Yingxue was stunned . “But that woman…”

“Haha, Third Princess, don’t you trust me?” The country ruler was smiling, but his smile didn’t reach his eyes .

“In that case, let’s go back and have a rest . ”

The Scarlet Water Crown Prince spoke . He stood up and cupped his fists in a salute to the country ruler . “Although Country Ruler took the sixth-grade recovery pill to heal my injuries, the Scarlet Water Country will not give up without an explanation . ”

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The country ruler frowned . He stared at him and his voice rang out in the hall like thunder . “Are you threatening this Emperor? If my people are not mistaken, you were beaten till you were left with an inch of your life that I had to take out the sixth-grade recovery pill to save you . Wasn’t it because you touched the people you shouldn’t have and stirred up trouble? Is it possible that the woman at the Xuanyuan Empire’s Crown Prince’s side can be touched by anyone and her dress can be torn off by those who want to? Do you, Scarlet Water Country, have such a habit? ”

“Hmph! I, the Emperor, tolerated you to some degree, yet you’re not satisfied and dare to threaten me? Then go back and call your Imperial Father to come over and talk to me! I’d like to know . If he’s aware of this matter, would he have the face to come to our Xuanyuan Empire!”

When they saw the country ruler turned hostile and heard his merciless words rang throughout the palace hall, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince and the Third Princess were both humiliated and resentful .

What about his promise to give them an explanation? Wasn’t this being hostile to them?

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“You’re not withdrawing yet?”

He swept a penetrating gaze at them with eyes brimming with anger .  As soon as he was threatened, his temper turned bad . Naturally, he wouldn’t show them respect . What’s more, although they were the Crown Prince and Princess of the Scarlet Water Country, they dared to use such proof to talk to him and be disrespectful even though they’re at a rank lower than him .

When the Scarlet Water Crown Prince and Princess saw his anger, they knew that they had gone too far . Then, they looked at each other and quickly withdrew, walking toward the exit .

When they were about to leave the palace hall and pass by Feng Jiu, the Scarlet Water Crown Prince paused his steps . There was a strange glint in his eyes . He cast a glance at her and then walked away .

After the two left, the country ruler who sat on the throne snorted and slapped his hand heavily on the armrest . He glared at the two standing below and shouted loudly, “Do you know your mistakes?!”

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