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Published at 30th of July 2020 03:55:06 PM
Chapter 1286: 1286

Though the sound was thunderous and deafening to the ears, he was unable to stop Feng Jiu’s sleeve from being torn off from the shoulder as it revealed a white and slender arm . Also exposed was a red cinnabar virgin mark on her arm!

At that moment, everyone was stunned and shocked . It seemed that no one had thought that this young boy would actually be a girl!

A red cinnabar virgin mark was something only a pure and innocent girl would have . If she was a boy, how could she have something like that on her arm?

For a moment, everyone’s expression changed .

Other than Gray Wolf and Shadow One who knew about Feng Jiu’s identity as the Ghost Doctor, everyone else who served under Xuanyuan Mo Ze only knew that this manservant was actually a girl and had an extraordinary relationship with My Lord . It had even crossed their minds that because My Lord spoiled this girl so much, she had already been My Lord’s woman for a long time . They hadn’t expected her to still be pure and innocent .

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When they thought of My Lord’s self-control ability, they were a little worried, was My Lord really fine in that respect? Otherwise, how was he able to maintain the girl’s innocence when she was by his side all the time?

Moreover, with My Lord’s distinguished identity, it was common to want a woman, and yet he had allowed the girl beside him to remain innocent, this… it’s no wonder they were overthinking things .

Compared to the people on Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s side, the people on Scarlet Water Country’s side were even more stunned and shocked, especially Princess Yingxue who was staring in anger and jealousy at the manservant with the torn sleeve .

Manservant? What manservant? She’s obviously a girl, and one who has been well protected by Xuanyuan Mo Ze!

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Her jealous eyes were fixed on the girl’s face, as if she wanted to see a flower emerge from her face . This girl had disguised her looks! There was no doubt about it, this face definitely didn’t belong to her! Since she was a girl, and one that Xuanyuan Crown Prince fancied, it was impossible for the girl to have such an ordinary looking face!

Damn it!

What gay? There was a girl hidden by his side all this time!

And when Scarlet Water Crown Prince saw the snow-white arm that had been revealed, his eyes flashed slightly and a strange colour crossed his eyes . The way men looked at women was different from the way women looked at each other .

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In his eyes, the skin this girl had was delicate and fair, especially the red cinnabar virgin mark on her snow-white arm, it made him even more excited as he looked at it .

When a man cherished a girl this much, and kept her pure and innocent, this man must love and cherish this girl very much . He really couldn’t tell that Xuanyuan Crown Prince would be a man to take pity on a woman, oh, it was really surprising .

What surprised him more was this girl, other than the surprise when he had torn off her sleeve, there was no awkwardness or discomfort when her snow-white arm was displayed before everyone’s eyes, it was truly interesting .

It seemed that this girl was not an ordinary person, it made sense, otherwise how else would she have caught the eye of Xuanyuan Crown Prince?


Unpredictably, when everyone was distracted by the snow-white arm, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was thrown back by a force and slammed heavily against the tree trunk . He spat out blood from his mouth as he fell to the ground awkwardly, unable to stand up .

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