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Chapter 1283

“It’s alright, I don’t think Scarlet Water Crown Prince did it intentionally . ” Feng Jiu said with a smile and gestured Gray Wolf to calm down . She then looked at Scarlet Water Crown Prince and said: “If Scarlet Water Crown Prince wanted to take my life then that arrow wouldn’t have missed . ”

Upon hearing that, Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s eyes flashed slightly . Did he miss his target? That arrow was clearly aimed at the fatal point of his heart . If Xuanyuan Mo Ze hadn’t been somewhere in the forest and Gray Wolf wasn’t beside him, he would have ordered his people behind him to kill him to vent his anger .

When he saw that Feng Jiu didn’t seem to mind, Gray Wolf didn’t say much but just watched them warily as he saw them approach .

“Little Plum?” Scarlet Water Crown Prince rode over on his horse and came to Feng Jiu, his feminine gaze stared tightly at the young manservant boy .

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“Yes . ” Feng Jiu nodded .

“It’s the first time I have seen a manservant like you . Compared to hunting, I am even more curious about your strength . Why don’t you compete with my men?” As he spoke, Scarlet Water Crown Prince was already waving his hand and beckoned a middle-aged man dressed in grey to step forward .

“Don’t you take things too far . My Lord is nearby and if he sees you bullying us he will make you suffer!” Gray Wolf said cautiously and rode his horse right in front of Feng Jiu . He lowered his voice and said: “You should leave first, they are aiming for you!”

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Feng Jiu looked at the man behind Scarlet Water Crown Prince and said slightly distressed: “This doesn’t seem fair . I seem to be at a disadvantage! Besides, you are guests and it’s not such a good idea to be duelling against guests . It’s too impolite and against the rules . ”

Scarlet Water Crown Prince chuckled and his feminine gaze fell on Feng Jiu: “You’re so gutless?” As soon as his voice fell, he gestured and the man in grey leapt across towards Feng Jiu .

“Well, I’m quite timid, but since you want to play then I shall accompany you! After all, today’s main purpose is to make sure you enjoy yourself . If you find hunting boring we can compete and that might be more to your intentions . ”

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The corners of her mouth lifted slightly and she revealed a wicked smile as she watched the middle-aged man coming towards her with condensed spiritual airflow between his hands . She lifted her whole body from the horse’s back and her palms emanated spiritual breath as she fought the middle-aged man in mid-air .

Gray Wolf who was watching at the side looked grim, the middle-aged man in grey was a Nascent Soul cultivator, could Feng Jiu deal with him?

While he was thinking about it, he realised that the two people in mid-air had already exchanged a dozen blows . With the surge of spiritual power, the breath in the air had become more suppressed . The wind from the palm roared through the air, swift as a sword . Even though the two of them weren’t using weapons, the loud swishing sound of the exchange of blows was not inferior to having a sword in hand . It had only seemed like a short while had passed when Feng Jiu kicked the middle-aged man down to the ground .


That man was pushed down from mid-air and stumbled to the ground . The manservant came to his side instantly and grinned at him . As he was still stunned by what had happened, he saw the manservant flash forwards quickly and took the cosmos sack from his waist .

“You, what are you doing?” The middle-aged man was stunned and quickly stabilised his body after his fall .

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