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Published at 31st of July 2020 07:34:47 PM
Chapter 1277

His eyes became dark and dull, his throat tumbled unconsciously as he stared at the smiling woman underneath him . His lips curled: “No, it should be like this . ” As soon as his voice fell, his body leaned down and he buried his head in her neck and nibbled .

“Ah! It’s ticklish, hahahaha…”

Feng Jiu whispered and drew her neck back then laughed out loud and pushed him away . Who knew, when that man realised that she was ticklish, he had actually started tickling her for real .

“Ah……hahahahaha……don’t, stop it hahaha, just… stop it now hahahaha… . . ”

Unstoppable laughter drifted out from the bedroom along with the sounds of begging for mercy . When the secret guards ten metres away heard this, they looked at each other silently and grinned .

When Gray Wolf and Shadow One who were approaching the courtyard not too far away had heard the laughter from the bedroom, they couldn’t help but pause their footsteps, especially Gray Wolf with a curious expression on his face, as if he had wanted to sneak up to secretly see what was going on .

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He really couldn’t help it and did walk forward . When Shadow One saw this, he rolled his eyes and quickly reached out to stop him . In a low voice, he asked angrily: “Why are you going?”

“I’m going to take a look!” Gray Wolf looked back and replied as a matter-of-factly .

“Look at what? Can’t you hear the two of them inside?”

Gray Wolf grinned and said: “I heard them, but listen to them laughing, don’t you wonder what they are doing inside? I will just sneak a peek, My Lord won’t even notice me . ”

“My Lord won’t know? Okay then! You go! Don’t look for me if something goes wrong . ” He withdrew his hand and wrapped his arms across his chest . He retreated to a tree nearby and leaned against the tree watching .

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This fool, My Lord and the Ghost Doctor were inside cultivating their feelings and he wanted to take a look? Then go! He didn’t believe that My Lord wouldn’t notice .

“Tsk, Shadow One, you’re too timid . It doesn’t matter, you wait here . After I have sneaked a peek I will come back and tell you about it . ” He turned back and told Shadow One then lightened his footsteps as he walked forwards stealthily like a cat and came to the corner on the outside of the bedroom . His ear was pressed to the wall as he listened for a while, then he lifted the window open quietly to take a look inside .

“Hahahahah… . . don’t, I can’t, hahahaha…”

Feng Jiu was being tickled by his hands and she was laughing so much that she couldn’t catch her breath and was begging for mercy . It was the first time since she had known this serious and cool man that he had tickled her, she couldn’t stop laughing .

“Do you dare to next time?” He stopped, his deep dark pupils looked at her with a smile .

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“No, I dare not, I really dare not . ”

Finally, when she had managed to catch her breath, she quickly reassured him . At that moment, the two of them froze as they heard a subtle sound drifting over . Therefore, they looked at each other then simultaneously looked over at the window .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze picked up the pillow on the bed . At the moment when he saw the head appear at the window, he threw the pillow straight at it,



Gray Wolf exclaimed and shrank back immediately . He only heard the loud noise the object made when it hit the window . He was so frightened that he was just about to run away rolling and crawling when, before he had even made it out of the courtyard, the door had opened and a familiar voice that contained anger drifted out .

“Stand right there for Your Liege!”

When he heard the words, Gray Wolf froze to the spot immediately .

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