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Chapter 1272: 1272
Chapter 1272 It won“t kill them

In the palace, in the main hall .

The sharp eyes of the Country Ruler who was sitting on the throne were fixed on Xuanyuan Mo Ze standing below, in his powerful deep voice, he asked: “What did you just say? Say it one more time!” The coercion of his superiority surfaced and was accompanied by a powerful atmosphere that approached Xuanyuan Mo Ze .

“I said, I will make my own marriage arrangements . ” He repeated himself again, his voice firm and strong without any intention of giving in .

When he heard this, the Country Ruler was writhing in anger . However, he didn’t explode in anger, instead he suppressed the anger inside and stared at the figure standing upright below . His son was excellent in every way, he believed that his future achievements would be above him, therefore, he knew that putting pressure on him was not going to work .

After he had alleviated the anger inside, he asked calmly: “You want to make your own marriage arrangements? Could it be that there is someone you like already? Which country is this Princess from? Or which noble family is she from? Or which clan of the Proud Children of Heaven?”

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“This, I will inform Father Emperor in the future . ” He hadn’t planned on telling him about Feng Jiu now . From when he knew that his father had intentions on arranging a marriage with Scarlet Water Country, he knew that he could not bring Feng Jiu to meet his father . Otherwise, once he knew of Feng Jiu’s identity, he would kill her immediately .

Upon seeing this, the Country Ruler’s eyes moved slightly and he waved his hand: “Fine, since you won’t say, Father Emperor won’t force you . I believe you can make your own decisions, and a woman who would catch your eye can’t be that bad . But you must know that as Xuanyuan’s Crown Prince, you are one above ten thousand people, your status is not comparable to others . A woman who can stand by your side has to be outstanding . Otherwise, not only will it lower respect for you, but also my Xuanyuan Empire . ”

“Your son understands . ” He responded and said: “If there is nothing else, I will go back first . ” Saying that, he turned and left .

“Wait . ”

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He called to him and said: “I heard that there is a manservant in your residence that you’re very fond of? You’ve even accompanied the manservant to go sightseeing and left the Crown Prince and Princess of Scarlett Water Country at the residence? Did this happen?”

“Imperial Father is well-informed . ” He glanced at him, his cold face expressionless as he said: “That person is not a manservant, he saved my life once . Since he is in the Imperial City, I accompanied him to walk around the city . As for the Crown Prince and Princess, I believe Imperial Father has already received news that they are not used to the food and water here and are currently ill . They’ve only just started feeling better today . ”

He was silent for a while before he spoke: “I have a hunting session in Ninefold Mountains Forest two days later . The Scarlet Water Country Crown Prince and Princess will be going as well . You will entertain them on behalf of your father and make sure they have a good time . Since the manservant is your life saviour, then bring him into the palace one day to introduce him to me . ”

“Okay . ” He responded . After saluting, he turned and left .

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As he watched him leave, a glint of light flashed across the Country Ruler’s eyes . With a swift move of his hand, two men dressed in black flashed out from the shadows: “Keep an eye on him . If the manservant goes to Ninefold Mountain Forest, test him out . ”

“Yes . ” The two men in black answered and retreated, gathering their condensed breath cleanly .

Once he had returned to the residence, Xuanyuan Mo Ze went to see Feng Jiu and they went to the North Courtyard together .

“How strong was your medicine?” He asked as he walked .

“They will be fine by today . Don’t worry, it won’t kill them . ” She smiled lightly as she replied .

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