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Chapter 1265: 1265
Chapter 1265 The climate doesn’t suit him

“Let Yang Yong go over and tell them that if they dare to touch the people in the mansion again, they should scram immediately to where they came from!” His voice was mixed with anger . It was not for other reasons but that Scarlet Water Crown Prince wanted to attack Feng Jiu . He couldn’t put up with this .

“Yes . ” The dark guard answered respectfully and then left .

Feng Jiu stepped in from outside this time and saw the man’s darkened expression . She was stunned . He became aware of it so soon? There were dark guards everywhere in this mansion, it would be strange if he didn’t know what happened here .

“Not in a good mood? “She asked, smiling, and went to sit at a table in the courtyard .

“That Scarlet Water Crown Prince’s cultivation isn’t low . You should be more careful when you see him in the future . ” He said, reaching for her hand . “I don’t want to see you hurt . ”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be alright . But, that Crown Prince is in a bit of trouble . ” She chuckled, her eyes gleaming with a cunning and uncanny light .

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze was surprised . “What did you do?”

“It’s nothing . Knowing that he is a guest in your mansion, you can’t have anything bad happen to him . I have a sense of propriety . ” She smiled with her eyes narrowed . “Let’s see it tomorrow! You’ll know tomorrow . ”

Who was she? Dared to attack her? If she wanted to deal with a person, all she had to do was move her finger and she could make it impossible for people to find out .

Seeing her confident speech and bright smiling face, he did not ask any more questions . After all, he would have to see those two people tomorrow anyway . He had to act properly as a host .

Starting that night, Scarlet Water Crown Prince had to make a trip to the toilet every hour . It was pouring down like a waterfall and didn’t stop even after taking medicine . Until the next morning, the Crown Prince had collapsed from exhaustion and was helped back to his room by his guard to have a rest .

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In one night, his face was haggard . He looked like he was had a breakdown .

In the middle of the night, Yang Yong, who got the news, asked the physicians in the mansion to take a look . They came to the conclusion that his digestive system wasn’t well . Although he was prescribed medicine, it couldn’t stop . Moreover, he had to run to the toilet as soon as he ate food .

Early morning .

“Big Brother, are you any better?” The Third Princess asked, standing outside the door with worry .

It was unlikely that someone tampered with the meal because both of them ate the same food . Moreover, she felt that Xuanyuan Mo Ze could not have done such a thing .

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However, her elder brother, the Crown Prince, had trouble with his stomach at this very moment, and from last night until now, he could hardly speak .

“You can go to the reception banquet today . I’m afraid I can’t go…”

In the midst of the speech, the room door suddenly opened and a figure stepped out toward the toilet .

The Third Princess was stunned and glanced at the figure heading for the toilet and wrung her eyebrows slightly . How could he be the only one like this? There were also physicians in their entourage . She also inquired and found no other problems, but from what the physicians said, there was something wrong with his digestive system .

This lasted until noon . When the Third Princess saw that he didn’t dare to eat anything and was resting on his bed hungry, she turned around and left .

Today, she would be able to see Crown Prince Xuanyuan . She was proud of her beauty . She believed that as soon as the Crown Prince saw her, he would also be fascinated by her .

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