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Chapter 1259: 1259
Chapter 1259 Prepare To Welcome The Guests

Finally, the two of them couldn’t resist and laughed out loud .

As the sounds of laughter spread out, the two people in the courtyard who had finished their meal were walking out together . When Feng Jiu, who was walking beside Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw Yang Yong, she greeted him with a smile . “Steward . ”

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze saw this, he thought back to two days ago when she had praised Yang Yong for his good looks and gentle personality just like that of a noble family’s son . Now that he saw her wide smile when she saw Yang Yong, his expression couldn’t help but turn dark and he stared at Yang Yong with ill intent .

“Why are you here? Is there nothing to do in the outer courtyard?”

When he heard My Lord’s angry words, Yang Yong replied with a smile: “My Lord, I am here to inform you that the people from Scarlet Water Country have arrived at the palace . Presumably the Emperor will be sending for you shortly . ”

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned: “It’s just the Crown Prince and Third Princess from Scarlet Water Country, does Your Liege have to go to receive them personally? You and Gray Wolf can go to the palace to pick them up . ”

Yang Yong nodded with a smile and said: “Yes . ” He looked at Gray Wolf and gestured . The two of them then left together .

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“Is it okay to let the two of them go?” Feng Jiu asked . After all, one of them was a Crown Prince and the other a Princess .

“You don’t know, although the Eight Great Empires are divided into branches, but our Xuanyuan Dynasty is the strongest . Not only that, Your Liege is also the prestige of the Eight Great Empires and the Crown Princes of the other countries cannot compare to me . By allowing them to stay in my residence is already a great honour to them . ”

After listening to what Xuanyuan Mo Ze had said, Feng Jiu was a little surprised but also a little relieved . That was because he had always kept a low profile when he travelled, so to her recollection, she had never seen him with a showy manner before .

However, with regards to his strength, she never had any doubts . Even though she had rescued him in the Nine Entrapment Woods, it was only because he had an attack from the frost poison he was inflicted with .

This time she had come, she saw that his physical condition had recovered very quickly and the frost poison was resolved . His strength was also no longer suppressed . This version of him was a rare adversary .

“Shadow One, get the someone to prepare for their arrival, they will stay at the North Courtyard . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze ordered in a deep voice .

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“Yes . ” Shadow One responded and stepped away .

“Then do you need me to do anything?” she asked .

Xuanyuan Mo Ze turned his head slightly and looked at her beside him, his beautiful lips arched upwards and revealed a soft smile: “You only need to be with me . ”

In the palace

The Country Ruler looked at the men Xuanyuan Mo Ze had sent, Yang Yong and Gray Wolf, and his face turned dark and gloomy: “He sent the two of you to receive the Crown Prince and Third Princess of Scarlet Water Country?”

“Country Ruler, My Lord said that our Xuanyuan Dyanasty is a big country, ranking first above other countries so there is no need for him to receive the Crown Prince and Third Princess of Scarlet Water country personally . Therefore he has ordered the two of us to take them back to the residence after they have paid their respects to you . ”

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After hearing these words, the Country Ruler’s darkened face eased a bit . He looked at Yang Yong: “You are the second son of the Yang Family?”

“Yes I am . ” He replied respectfully, his tone of voice humble .

“Well, go on! Wait outside the gate of the East Palace . ” He waved his hand, motioning for the two of them to retreat .

“Yes . ” Yang Yong responded then went out with Gray Wolf .

After the two of them left, the Country Ruler stared blankly for a little bit, then recomposed himself and ordered for the royal entourage to leave for the East Palace . He then headed outside . … . .

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