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Published at 16th of July 2020 03:50:07 AM
Chapter 1258: 1258
Chapter 1258 A Waste Of Talen

“That’s right, in this world only the strongest can be king, everything is about strength . ” As he spoke, he looked at her in his arms: “And I believe that your future achievements will be even more extraordinary than mine . ”

When she heard this, Feng Jiu smiled lightly: “You have so much confidence in me?”

“You are the woman I like, if I don’t have confidence in you then who should I be confident in?” He chuckled . He wrapped his arms around her waist and leaned his head against her shoulders, and said: “Okay, let’s not talk about this . Tell me what happened after you brought those few lads into Hells Mountains . ”

“You know about that? Looks like Ren Xiang’s intelligence reports are quite good . ” She chuckled and said: “So you know I advanced while I was at the Two Star Academy? I don’t know what happened but I messed up their sacred land, so…”

In the room, Feng Jiu recounted everything that had happened over there, things that he didn’t know about, till evening . After they had finished their evening meal, Xuanyuan Mo Ze took her out of the residence for some sightseeing and they didn’t return till the middle of the night .

Because Xuanyuan Mo Ze took her everywhere with him, they ate together and shared the same bed, though the guards and secret guards hadn’t said anything, but they were already getting curious about them .

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After a few days of cleaning toilets, Gray Wolf had returned . When he entered the courtyard and saw My Lord serving that kid food, his jaw nearly dropped from shock . He retreated quickly and went to look for Shadow One .

“I was just going to My Lord’s when I saw My Lord serving that kid food . Shadow One, is something wrong with My Lord?”

“Don’t make a fuss over nothing, don’t look at what you shouldn’t look at . Even if you’ve seen it, use your eyes and not your mouth . ” Shadow One said, his arms wrapped across his chest as he stood not far away from the main courtyard .

“But… . ”

“No buts, if you’re too idle then go and pull out some weeds, don’t follow me all the time . ”

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Gray Wolf snorted when he heard that: “Who’s following you? I’ve only come to ask you a question, don’t think that I like to be with you all the time . ” Saying that, he saw Yang Yong walking towards them from not too far away and wondered out loud .

“Why is this guy here?”

“What are the two of you doing here?” Yang Yong walked over and asked .

“The two of us are idle people, unlike you, a busy person whom we haven’t seen in a few days . What brings you here today? Are you looking for My Lord for something?” Gray Wolf approached and asked .

“I’m not here for any specific matter, but I have something to report . ” He smiled gently and looked towards the main courtyard . When he saw the two people inside having their meal, he didn’t go inside to disturb them but went over to under the tree and chatted with them instead .

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“I heard that My Lord has been spending every day with this kid . ” Gray Wolf pouted: “He’s just a little white face, I’m not sure what drug My Lord has taken that he is so good to this kid . ”

When he heard this, Yang Yong froze for a moment, then chuckled lowly: “Gray Wolf, you should go and train the guards . ” His brain was mainly good for training the guards in the residence . He was also fine carrying out orders . If he had to use his brain to think then it would definitely become a mess .

“Although I am the Chief Guard and all the guards are under my command, training guards is a waste of my talents . ”

When Shadow One and Yang Yong heard this, they couldn’t help but smile, this fool .

“That’s right, asking you to clean toilets is not a waste of your talents . ” Yang Yong couldn’t help but said jokingly .

“Ah? You know about that? ” Gray Wolf glared: “It’s all that kid’s fault . He took My Lord’s jade token and said it was My Lord’s orders . ”

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