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Chapter 1256: 1256
Chapter 1256 Scarlet Water Country’s Third Princess

Feng Jiu looked at him with a small smile and waved the jade token in her hand: “Don’t worry about how I got it, you should hurry up and go and brush the commodes!”

Gray Wolf who was still dumbstruck recovered from his shock: “It’s you? You have been targeting me haven’t you?” He remembered that he had told him to brush the commode a few days ago but he didn’t do it in the end .

“Chief Guard, you are overthinking things . I am just a manservant, where would I have such ability? My Lord gave me the instructions before he left . I’m not sure what happened either . ” Her expression was innocent, refusing to admit it .

“It really isn’t you?” He thought about it . It was impossible that My Lord would punish him over this new manservant . But he didn’t do anything wrong recently either?

“Well, it’s not me . ” She said blatantly .

“Then let’s discuss it, can you…”

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“No . ”

She had refused before he was even able to finish speaking: “You better hurry up and go brush the commodes! Otherwise you will be in trouble when My Lord returns . ” She stood up and said: “I need to go and water the flowers, I shall take my leave first . ”

As he looked at the figure leaving the courtyard, he frowned and scratched his head . He asked the secret guards in the concealed place: “Did My Lord really say that?”

Nobody said anything . He glared involuntarily at a spot and said: “I’m asking you! Are you a mute?”

The secret guard in that spot had no choice but to reply: “Gray Wolf, just do as he said . There is no mistake, he has the jade token . ”

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When he heard this, Gray Wolf let out a sigh and walked out of the courtyard . He thought to himself, maybe he could find someone else to clean the commodes before My Lord returned? However, he gave up on that idea as soon as he had thought of it .

It was probably better he did the job himself!

On the other side, in the palace, in the main hall .

A middle-aged man dressed in casual clothes who exuded a powerful coercion and superiority was sitting on the throne . He was looking down at the figure standing below, dressed in black and exuding a cold and noble air . He said in a deep voice: “The Crown Prince and Third Princess from the Scarlet Water Country will be visiting these few days . You will be responsible for receiving them . ”

The deep and majestic voice continued speaking: “Scarlet Water Country wants to form an alliance with us . The Third Princess is a first-class beauty in Scarlet Water Country and is also a very talented person . You must make use of this opportunity, if the two countries can be joined in marriage, it will be very good for us . ”

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze frowned: “Why does our Xuanyuan Dynasty need to expand our country through marriage? We should expand in area and strength . I will entertain the Crown Prince from Scarlet Water Country when he arrives . However, if the Third Princess intends to marry then she can forget about it . ”

“You haven’t even met her yet and you are dismissing the idea?” The Emperor said in a deep voice as he stared at his son: “I know that you like a woman from one of the low grade countries . But you should know that as a Crown Prince of one of the Eight Great Empires, the woman who is able to stand by your side must be someone extraordinary . Even ten women from an inferior country cannot compare to your status . ”

When he saw that he had not said anything, he continued: “If you really like her then you can keep her by your side to warm your bed . In the future, as a monarch of a nation, you will have thousands to choose from in your harem . It’s not a big deal to accept a woman . ”

Upon hearing this, he looked up at his father on the throne . He didn’t say much, he just said: “If Father Emperor has no other matters to discuss then I shall take my leave first . ”

As soon as his voice fell, before the Emperor even had a chance to speak, he turned around brushing his sleeves up and walked out . In a moment, he had disappeared from the sight of the Emperor on the throne .

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