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Published at 13th of July 2020 03:10:06 PM
Chapter 1254: 1254
Chapter 1254 I Will Take You Into The Palace

“I wasn’t planning on coming here so soon, besides, I was still thinking of not seeing you for ten years!” She smiled: “However, it just so happens that there are some matters that I need to deal with here, so I came in advance . I was going to secretly see if you are leading a philanderous lifestyle, but who knew, I was discovered by your steward only after being here for a few days . ”

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“Speaking of which, Yang Yong is really not bad, much more reliable that Gray Wolf . ” She couldn’t help but praise .

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard this, he felt jealousy in his heart and he asked: “Yang Yong is not bad? What is good about him? Is he good looking? Or his capabilities are outstanding?”

All of it, he is quite a good looking person . His character is calm and restrained, he is also cultured and elegant like a noble gentleman . The manner in which he handles matters is vigilant and also very good . I heard that he is from a rich family, it is quite unexpected that he would come to your residence to be a steward . ”

She looked at the person underneath her and smiled lightly as she spoke: “I really couldn’t tell, but your method of obtaining people is first-rate . Youactually managed to get such a person to become your steward . ”

“Are you praising me? Or are you praising him?” He retorted sourly .

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“Praising him, hahaha . ”

Feng Jiu smiled . She saw him sneer and said loudly: “TIckle!” The hand that was around her waist twisted, though it was not heavy it made her goosebumps raise and felt tickled .


She exhaled and pushed herself up against his chest then leaped up and quickly retreated from the bed . She shouted: “I thought you had to go into the palace? Get up quickly . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze lay in bed for a while longer . He took a deep breath and exhaled gently . He suppressed the excitement in his body before he got out of bed . He looked at the space three steps away from his bed and couldn’t help but smile: “Why are you standing there? Why aren’t you helping me wash up?”

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“I’ve already brought the water for you, there, I’ve put it over there . ” She gestured with a smile and said: “I will find some clothes for you! Which set of clothes would you like to wear?”

As she spoke, she opened his closet and saw that everything was black . The corners of her mouth lifted and she asked: “All black?” She thought about it and realised that she had never seen him wear any other colour . Also, black colour best reflected his domineering body .

“Just grab any set, they’re almost the same . ” Xuanyuan Mo Ze said and walked to one side to wash up . Not long later, he walked back to the front of his bed and put on the set of black robes she had taken out .

“You should go and change your clothes too, I will take you into the Palace to take a look . ”

“Go into the palace?” She was slightly stunned: “Maybe not? Won’t I cause problems for you if I go into the palace? I will wait for you in the residence . Rest assured, I won’t go anywhere . ” She smiled as she spoke .

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When he heard that, Xuanyuan Mo Ze also revealed a smile . He enjoyed her caring service as she helped him wear his belt and said: “Isn’t this your first time here? I will take you into the palace for a walk . Xuanyuan Dynasty’s palace is much larger than yours . ”

As he looked at her dressed in the manservant’s uniform, he said: “Change back to women’s clothing! No one will dare do anything to you here . Since you are here, I will take you to see my Imperial Father . ”

“No . ”

She shook her head: “I don’t want to change back to women’s clothing . It’s too ostentatious . I have promised my father I will not wear women’s clothing in general . As for your father, I will meet him next time!”

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