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Chapter 1253: 1253
Chapter 1253 You Finally Recognised Me?

“If there’s nothing else I shall go inside first . ” She said, then bowed respectfully and headed inside .

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“Hey, you… . . ” Gray Wolf was about to say something when Shadow One stopped him .

“What’s the matter with you? You should at least let me question him in more detail!”

He glared at Shadow One beside him and said: “Don’t you think the My Lord is being very strange? We don’t even know where this kid came from . He’s only been in the residence for a few days and been moved to the main courtyard by My Lord? And he is going to wait on My Lord personally? There’s definitely something wrong . ”

“I already know that there is no problem, and the only problem is you . ” Shadow One said and strode inside casually . After a few steps, he stopped and turned back and glanced at a confused Gray Wolf and reminded him: “You better not provoke him . As long as we know that he is not a spy or assassin, that’s enough . Otherwise you will have nowhere run to cry later on . ”

“Ha! You’re kidding, I would lose to a manservant?” He snorted dismissively .

Shadow One shook his head and walked away .

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It wasn’t just Gray Wolf who was confused about this manservant who had only entered the residence a few days ago but been transferred to My Lord’s side, even the guards and Dark Guards and all the servants weren’t able to figure it out . He was obviously an extremely ordinary boy, so what had caught My Lord’s eye?

Though they were puzzled in their hearts, they daren’t ask but just took more notice of the manservant called Little Plum on a daily basis .

On this morning, a yawning Feng Jiu was carrying a basin of water for face washing into Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s room . The night before he had instructed that because he was due to go into the palace, she had to go and wait on him earlier in the morning .

Therefore, although she was still tired, she crawled out of bed and washed her face to wake herself up then brought him his basin of water for washing his face .

“My Lord?”

She placed the basin on the table then walked inside . The bed curtain was drawn and she could just about see a person on the bed sleeping under a quilt .

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She stepped forward lightly and opened the bed curtains . Suddenly, a pair of hands reached out and grabbed her and pulled her whole body inside .


She shrieked as she fell onto the bed on top of Xuanyuan Mo Ze . Her stunned gaze met his deep and dark pupils . The pair of dark pupils was like a deep pool, she couldn’t see through it and she felt like she was drawn completely into them .

On the big bed were two bodies one on top another with only a quilt between them . One of Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s hands held on to her hands while the other hand wrapped around her waist and pressed her down to prevent her from leaving .

As the two pairs of eyes stared at each other, a shadowy breath permeated through the air…

“Hey, you finally recognised me?”

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She smiled shyly . If she had any doubts before, she was certain with the situation now . She knew this domineering and cold man wouldn’t pull a stranger into his bed .

She thought back, in the past she had been taken advantage by him quite a lot!

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s lips curled into a smile, his magnetic voice was low with a hint of morning laziness as he spoke: “Are you doing a surprise check? Why didn’t you say hello when you came here? I could have sent someone to pick you up . ”

He looked at the luscious lips in front of him as he hugged her . His throat rumbled slightly and he felt only a burst of heat that rose from his abdomen and rushed through his body .

Well, men were quite easily impulsive in the mornings, not to mention there was a person that made him happy that lay on top of him .

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