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Chapter 1248: 1248
Chapter 1248 Go And Get A Manservan

“No it’s fine, the place I am staying at right now is not bad . Besides, if I am privileged in this residence I won’t be able to fool others, don’t give me special treatment . ” She waved her hand and stood up: “If there’s nothing else I need to get back to sweep the floor . ”

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With that, she walked out of the pavilion . She seemed to have thought of something and turned around to ask: “By the way, why is My Lord never to be seen?”

“My Lord should be at the penthouse . That is the highest place in the residence . ” He stepped out and pointed in the direction of the penthouse .

And at the moment Feng Jiu had walked out, Xuanyuan Mo Ze who had been watching at the window of the penthouse took a step backwards quickly to avoid being seen by them, lest they realise he had been standing there watching them the whole time .

What were they chatting about? Why have they been chatting for so long?

Xuanyuan Mo Ze leaned against the wall and thought for a while . It wasn’t until he saw through the slit that the two of them had left before he walked back out .

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As he looked at the two disappearing figures, his deep eyes flashed slightly . He stayed in the penthouse for a little while longer before he finally walked down . In his heart, he was happy to see her again after more than two years, but he was also annoyed .

He was annoyed with her for not listening to him, to only come here when she had advanced to Nascent Soul stage . If something had happened to her here and he wasn’t by her side, what then? However, the annoyance could not compare to the joy and excitement in his heart .

Even if the expression on his face was cold and majestic, even if he had desperately tried to keep a cold expression, the slightly curved lips couldn’t hide his good mood .

Since she had infiltrated his residence but not come to look for him, then he would go to look for her . Since she wanted to play, then he would play with her . He wanted to see who could not help but expose her identity in the end .

After he had come down, Xuanyuan Mo Ze walked towards the main courtyard . He thought that after she had left the pavilion she would go back to the main courtyard to sweep the floor . However, after half a day there was still no sight of her .

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“My Lord, what are you doing here?”

Gray Wolf had come up from behind and saw My Lord stood there with his hand behind his back looking left and right . He had found it strange and couldn’t help but ask . He also looked around but didn’t see anything!

When Xuanyuan Mo Ze heard his question, he looked back at him then walked towards the courtyard . When he got to the courtyard, he didn’t go into his room but sat at the table in the courtyard instead .

Upon seeing this, Gray Wolf signalled to the manservant in the courtyard to serve his meal . After glancing at Gray Wolf, the two of them gestured that one of them should step forward to ask what had happened .

In the end, Shadow One had no choice . He came forward and asked: “My Lord, what’s wrong with you? Why do you look so listless early in the morning? Did you not rest well?”

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Xuanyuan Mo Ze didn’t say anything and only tapped his hand lightly on the table as he thought about how he could get her to his side .

It wasn’t until the table was full of food and snack when an idea flashed across his mind .

“Gray Wolf, go and get a manservant to come back here and test the food . ” He said, pulling a face . He sat there and without touching his chopsticks .

When he heard this, Gray Wolf was a little shocked: “Test the food? I can test the food!” He rolled his sleeves up as he stepped forward and picked up the chopsticks . His mouth was open and he was just about to put a piece of food in when, who knew, a familiar, majestic and cold voice was heard .

“Step aside . ”

Xuanyuan Mo Ze glanced at him in disgust: “Go and find a manservant, he will be in charge of Your Liege’s meals three times a day . ” He commanded in a deep voice .

“Manservant? Oh, okay okay, I will go and find one now . ” Gray Wolf said and rushed out quickly .

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