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Chapter 1247
Chapter 1247 Do Not Expose

At this, Yang Yong smiled and said: “I heard from Gray Wolf and the rest that Ren Xiang can’t find any trace of the Ghost Doctor . He doesn’t know where the Ghost Doctor has gone . I’ve also heard My Lord mention that he has a ten year contract with the Ghost Doctor? And if your cultivation strength hasn’t reached the Nascent Soul stage then you aren’t supposed to be here?”

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“Yes! The ten year contract is to test My Lord . ” She chuckled lightly: “I sneaked in this time to see if he was taking advantage of me not being around and hugging women left and right . But ever since I have entered here, I haven’t seen a maidservant in the inner courtyard, won’t this cause an imbalance between yin and yang?”

Yang Yong was stunned when he heard this . He looked at the person in front of him who had a sly look on her face and couldn’t help but chuckled: “You’re overthinking things . ”

“My Lord doesn’t lust after women, there are maidservants in the outer courtyards but none in the inner courtyards . The manservants are the ones that do the chores, your sudden inspection will leave you disappointed . ”

“Nonsense, do I have to see him in another woman’s arms to feel disappointed?”

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She rolled her eyes and then said: “I came here because I have something to do, it’s just that I have a few days free so I came over to see him . That’s right, is his Frost Poison really dispelled? I heard Ren Xiang and Gray Wolf say that it has been dispelled? How did it happen? I haven’t even found a way to dispel his Frost Poison . ”

“Yes, it has been dispelled . Actually My Lord’s cultivation method is most superior, otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to restrain the Thousand Year Frost Poison for so many years . In the past, My Lord was unable to dispel the poison because his cultivation was not complete . ”

“During that period of time, those forces were against My Lord . Once . My Lord allowed those people to think that they had succeeded and took the opportunity to retreat and cultivate . Finally, My Lord was able to complete his cultivation and he used the power in his body to force the Frost Poison out . But he lost a lot of power because of this, and at that time… . ”

When he got to this point, he paused . He had only looked at her with a smile and didn’t say anything .

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“What happened at that time?” Feng Jiu was listening and when she saw that he had stopped speaking, she couldn’t help but wonder .

“The matter is over now, it doesn’t matter if we talk about it or not . By the way, you mentioned that you came here because you have something to do? Can I help?” He changed the subject because he thought that he shouldn’t talk about that time when My Lord had become smaller because of the loss of power .

“It’s not necessary . However, if it is possible I would like to stay here over the next few months . After a few months, I will have to leave to deal with my affairs . After I leave I won’t be back any time soon to see him . I won’t be staying in the Imperial City for a long time, so if he doesn’t recognise me, sigh, then you don’t have to say anything about my arrival . ”

“Okay . ” He nodded: “If there is anything you need my help with, just let me know . I have men under my command who I can deploy . ”

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“Yes, I know . ” She smiled and asked curiously: “I heard that you are the second son from a big noble family . So why did you come here to be his steward? Does your family approve?”

Yang Yong smiled gently: “I am the second son, therefore I don’t have to take over the family responsibilities, so naturally my family has no objections . Moreover, it’s been really good following My Lord, I have learned many things here . Being a steward in his residence is comparable to being the head of a family outside . ”

Feng Jiu nodded: “That’s true, after all, his status is not ordinary . You are his steward and his trusted follower, you’ve not lost out by not being a head of your family on the outside . ”

“Are you staying in a servant’s room at the moment? Should I change your room?”

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