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Chapter 1246
Chapter 1246 Future Mistress

When she heard this, Feng Jiu’s eyes rolled and a ray of light flashed across . She stared at the person across from her and smiled: “I am here to look for your Lord . ”

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Yang Yong nodded: “I know you are here to look for My Lord, but, do you know him? Why are you looking for him?” The teenager in front of him had no murderous breath, and at least, he had not detected any malicious intent from him, that was why he didn’t order to have him killed but brought him here for questioning instead .

“Of course! Otherwise why would I look for him? I had wanted to give him a surprise initially, but who knew that it’s so strict here . I have been here for a few days and I still haven’t met him . ” She said with a sigh .

“You still haven’t told me, who are you?” He asked again .

“Me? I’m Feng Jiu . ” She said with a light smile and looked at his dumbfounded expression with satisfaction .

“You are the Ghost Doctor?”

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The Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, of course those trusted followers who followed My Lord closely knew who this person was . Also, she was a woman, and My Lord’s beloved sweetheart, but this teenager in front of him… . was a woman?

“No need to look, I am a woman . Now, let me show you this . ” With one hand on her chin, her other hand took a token out .

“Hell’s token!”

That token was My Lord’s Hell’s token, a token that could mobilise Hell’s Palace’s forces . He hadn’t expected My Lord to give her this . It seemed that there was no mistake, she was the Ghost Doctor .

At this moment, he couldn’t help but was secretly afraid, fortunately he had not ordered her to be killed when he had discovered the anomaly . Otherwise, even if he had died a hundred times he still wouldn’t have been able to redeem his guilt .

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He looked at her and asked: “Are you disguised?”

“Not exactly, just a little bit . ” She put away the Hell’s token and looked at him with a pair of smiling eyes . With a tone of discussion, she said: “Steward, don’t you expose me! I am having a good time!”

When he heard this, Yang Yong couldn’t help but smile: “You are too reckless, if you want to see My Lord all you have to do is show the Hell’s token and no one will stop you . If something happens and you are treated as an assassin then the consequences will be very serious . ”

“Also, I don’t really see the fun in this . ” He shook his head as he looked at her dressed in a manservants uniform and said with a smile: “Is it fun pretending to be a manservant? A little servant like you won’t be able to get near My Lord . ”

“That’s why I told you my identity, otherwise I would have gone to Gray Wolf ages ago . But that kid is not as smart as you . ” She smiled and continued: “Since I won’t do anything to My Lord, just pretend that you don’t know and don’t expose me, or else… . . hehe . . … . ”

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“Okay okay, initially I was worried because I thought that you were a spy or assassin, that’s why I tested you . Now that I know you’re the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu, naturally I won’t say anything more . ”

Speaking of which, he looked at her and said: “You might not know this, but My Lord told us his trusted followers that you will be our future Mistress . We have to treat you with the same respect as we do with him . Therefore, I will do as you say . ”

Upon hearing the words, Feng Jiu was a little surprised . As she looked at his straight face and listened to his words, her heart was moved . If he had said that, it meant that he had set his heart on her .

When she thought of this, she smiled lightly and revealed a soft and pleasant smile . She was rejoicing in her heart but she raised her chin slightly and said arrogantly: “At least he’s sensible . ”

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