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Chapter 1245: 1245
Chapter 1245 Jealous

“It’s been okay . ” She smiled and responded .

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“Accompany me for a walk!”

As she looked at the figure walking ahead, Feng Jiu’s face showed a smile of admiration . He was not an amatuer . Compared to Gray Wolf, he was much more perceptive, he knew that something was not right with her so soon .

However, she was often loitering about in the main courtyard, maybe that was a bit too obvious?

While she was secretly speculating in her head, she continued to walk with the figure in front . Unexpectedly, she still had not seen Xuanyuan Mo Ze! And his steward had seen through her pretenses, she had wanted to surprise him! Her dream had flown away!

At this time, neither of them had seen that in a penthouse not far away, Xuanyuan Mo Ze stood at the window and inadvertently glanced and his eyes were fixed on the figure that followed behind Yang Yong .

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When he saw the figure, his heart jumped abruptly and his body leaned forward a little to take a closer look, a stunned look appeared in his deep eyes .

Feng Jiu? What was she doing here?

This woman had actually come to the Eight Great Empires without revealing her movements? And she had infiltrated his residence? Although he was a little far away, however, he still recognised her at a glance .

It was not because of that face, that face was a complete stranger to him, she must have tampered with it! What he recognised was the familiarity of her every movement .

Although they hadn’t seen each other these last three years, her every movement, her smile had already been deeply imprinted in his mind . Any one of her movements or the view of her back, he would recognise her immediately .

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As he watched her walking behind Yang Yong, his expression became dark and gloomy when he saw the distance between them was a mere three footsteps . He felt like a bottle of vinegar had been toppled over in his heart, sour .

This woman wasn’t practising her cultivation but had come here in secret instead . He had clearly told her that unless she had advanced to the Nascent Soul cultivation stage, she was not allowed to come here . Moreover, she was the one who had suggested the ten years contract, and she actually sneaked in here!

At this moment, he had completely forgotten that when his cultivation strength had reversed and he had shrunk in size, he had also gone back to see her secretly and even taken advantage of her .

He was staring at the two of them at this moment, his eyes like they were on fire . The two of them had walked near the pavilion, but because of the distance, he was not able to hear what they were saying, and because of the angle, he was unable to see the expressions on their faces clearly . He only knew that the distance between the two of them had become even closer .

He couldn’t help but start imagining things at this point . What had Yang Yong said to her? Did Gray Wolf and the rest not know that Feng Jiu had come in here? As for Yang Yong, why was he going into the pavilion with her dressed as a manservant? What was he trying to do?

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As he was imagining things, another scene enfolded inside the pavilion .

“Sit . ” Yang Yong gestured for her to sit down .

Feng Jiu sat down immodestly .

“Who are you?” He asked . His voice was still soft, without any hint of harshness .

However, Feng Jiu knew that Yang Yong was not as harmless and gentle as he appeared to be . Those like him, who were more perceptive were more dangerous .

“You must not be a simple person to become the steward!” With her hand on her cheek, she smiled and said: “Actually, you don’t have to ask me who I am . Because even if I told you, you might not believe me . ”

Yang Yong said in a calm voice: “If you don’t tell me, how will you know whether I will believe it or not?”

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