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Chapter 1242: 1242
Chapter 1242 Let Him Go To The Inner Courtyard Mesmerizing

As for Gray Wolf…

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Her gaze looked towards the original direction she had come from, her lips twitched upwards into a smile, but yet not smiling . Dare ask her to clean the toilet? Gray Wolf’s guts have gotten bigger .

The old man was relieved when he saw her return to the outer courtyard .

“You scared me to death, fortunately you are fine . ” The old man patted his chest and said: “Why did the Chief Guard call you in? Did anything happen?”

“Nothing happened . He was punished by My Lord to brush the commde and he wanted me to do it for him . ” She smiled and asked: “Uncle, what do you do usually?

“You are new here, so you can only do some odd chores in the outer courtyard . Let’s go! I will take you to meet the steward . ” He motioned for Feng Jiu to follow him .

Steward? Her eyes flickered, and then she followed him .

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The steward of the Crown Prince’s residence wouldn’t be an ordinary person . Therefore, she was really looking forward to it, she wanted to see what kind of a person the steward was .

When the old man came to the front courtyard, they saw a young man who was delegating jobs to the servants in the mansion . Yes, the young man looked about twenty five or six years old . He had a noble air around him like that of an elegant noble, but the servants in the residence call him steward .

“Steward, this is my nephew, Li Da Niu[1] . ” The old man stepped forward and introduced Feng Jiu: “Quickly, kneel down to the steward and thank him for giving you a chance . ”

“Huh?” Feng Jiu stood there dumbfounded like a country bumpkin and looked at the man .

“What’s with the ‘huh’? I asked you to kneel down in front of the steward!” The old man said .

After hearing this, Feng Jiu shook her head and blinked her clear innocent eyes: “No, I can’t . My father said that I can’t just kneel to anyone . Besides, back in the country we only kneel to the dead . I’ve never kneeled to anyone alive before!”

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Upon hearing this, the old man nearly fainted from fright . He stared dryly and raised his hand to pat Feng Jiu’s head: “You country bumpkin!” However, before he had reached Feng Jiu’s head, she dodged out of the way .

When the man saw this, he smiled and waved his hand: “It’s okay, don’t argue with a child . ”

He turned to look at Feng Jiu and asked: “You are called Li Da Niu?” He found it funny deep down . Such a skinny lad was actually called a big bull?

“Yes . ” Feng Jiu stood diligently and looked at him timidly .

“Are you afraid of me?” The man asked with a smile, his voice soft .

Feng Jiu shook her head and replied candidly: “I’m not afraid of you, I’m just afraid that you will chase me away . I don’t want to go home to farm . ”

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“Hahaha, no I won’t . As long as you work hard, I will not send you home to farm . ” The man smiled and said: “You will be called Little Plum in the residence from now on!”

“Yes . Thank you steward . ” She smiled widely, her wide smile made her disguised face look dazzling .

The man was a little surprised by what he saw and secretly wondered: The young man’s expression was really dazzling, but he seemed like a simple person with no ill intentions, it would put their minds to ease to use such people .

He asked again: “Has his work been arranged?” His gaze fell on the old man as he spoke .

“Old slave has asked him to do some odd jobs in the outer courtyard . He is a newcomer and hasn’t learned many skills . I’m afraid he will make mistakes if he is clumsy so I thought he can do some odd jobs to familiarise himself first . ”

“Odd jobs?”

The man thought for a while and said: “Send him to the inner courtyard! Let him sweep the floors in the inner courtyard, water the flowers and get rid of the weeds in the garden . ”

[1] It literally means Big Bull

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