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Chapter 1241: 1241
Chapter 1241 Close At Hand

Feng Jiu glanced at him and grinned widely: “Coming coming . ”

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“Chief Guard, he is a newcomer…” The old man hadn’t finished speaking when he saw that the person had been taken away . Upon seeing this, he couldn’t help but worry .

It was only his first day and he had been brought into the inner courtyard, if something were to happen, would Da Niu that silly child be able to manage?

At that thought, he couldn’t help but wanted to go and take a look, but after taking a step, he refrained in the end . This was a residence after all, it should be alright? After thinking about it, he should wait and see . If necessary, he could always go and look for the steward .

On the other side, Feng Jiu followed behind Gray Wolf and walked inside . She didn’t look around because she could feel quite a lot of breath inside here . It was probably the dark guards who were hiding in here .

If she had raised their suspicions by looking around then everything would have been in vain .

“Go, clean that toilet . ” He had brought Feng Jiu to the outside of a toilet and stood at one side with his fingers pinching his nose . With a disgusted face, he signalled for Feng Jiu to clean the toilet at once .

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“Huh? Clean the toilet?” Feng Jiu was a little dumbfounded . Gray Wolf hadn’t recognised her since he had met her, and had brought her here to clean the toilet instead? This white-eyed wolf needed to be taught a lesson!

“Yes! Hurry up! Quickly!” With his nose pinched, he looked around . At this moment, when he saw Shadow One walking over, his face changed suddenly: “Why are you here?”

As Shadow One approached, he glanced at Feng Jiu but he didn’t recognise her . He only saw an ordinary manservant and didn’t pay attention to her . Everyone in the residence had been through rigorous investigation and no one would have been able to sneak in . Even if they did, they wouldn’t be able to infiltrate into My Lord’s inner courtyard .

“My Lord is punishing you by making you clean the toilet and brush the commode, and this is how you’re carrying out your punishment? If My Lord found out, you will suffer at least a few whips . ”

“If you don’t say anything, then no one will say anything, and if you don’t say anything, then My Lord won’t know . ” Gray Wolf looked at him and smiled: “Shadow, we have been old friends for many years, tell me, isn’t it… . . ”

“My Lord told me I have to watch you, it means that I have to watch you . ” With that, he gestured at Feng Jiu: “Okay, you may take your leave . ”

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Feng Jiu nodded and responded . But just as she was about to leave, she was stopped by Gray Wolf .

“No! If you leave then who is going to clean the toilet? And who is going to wash the commode?”

“You only know how to get the new servants to do the work for you, do you know everyone is avoiding you in the inner courtyard?” Shadow One glanced at Gray Wolf as he spoke, he had read his mind .

Although there were many dark guards in the inner courtyard, there were only two servants who were around . This was because their Lord liked it to be quiet and pleasant, so he only kept two people by his side .

This time he was being punished, he didn’t dare assign those two servants to serve his punishment as they were always waiting on My Lord . No matter how bold he was, he wouldn’t be that rash .

Shadow One looked at him then closed his eyes and said: “My Lord said, if you don’t clean up with your own hands this time, your punishment will be even more severe the next time . ”

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Upon hearing this, Gray Wolf stiffened: “No way!”

“You should know very well if that’s true . ” Shadow One said . He glanced at the manservant and instructed: “Leave!”

“Yes . ”

Feng Jiu responded and backed out . As she walked out of the inner courtyard, she stopped and looked back revealing a smile .

He was here, in this mansion, maybe at some point, she would see him……

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