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Chapter 1235: 1235
Chapter 1235 Entering the Eight Supreme Empires

They finally agreed to it . Also, her worry was also reasonable, if someone really invited a powerful man from the Eight Supreme Empires to deal with their Phoenix Empire, no one would dare to come forward to help them .

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As for her, as long as she restrained her brilliance, there might not be any big problem . However, they all were unconvinced, because it wouldn’t be calm wherever she went .

Sigh! Let it be, let her go out and temper herself! Now they could only trust in her .

“Father, Grandfather, I have been back for a few days . I plan to leave in a few days and send Ye Jing home on the way . ” Feng Jiu looked at the two men . “Everything has already been arranged . Eight Feng guards will stay behind . This time, I’ll only bring Leng Shuang, Leng Hua, and Du Fan?”

“You won’t bring the Feng guards? You…” Feng Xiao was worried . Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted .

“Don’t be flustered . Feng Girl said she’s not bringing them with her . She must have a reason . ” Feng Sanyuan glared at him . “Don’t listen to your father, Feng Girl . ”

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Feng Jiu smiled . “It’s because we’re going to an unfamiliar place . The more ordinary it is, the less trouble it will cause . Even when Leng Shuang comes, I may ask her to make some changes . ”

“No matter what you decide, we believe you . However, you must remember that if you encounter danger that you can’t defeat, you must escape . There is nothing more important than living, you know?” Feng Sanyuan spoke calmly .

“Mm, I know . ” She nodded . “Please take good care of yourselves when I’m not at home . ”

“Don’t worry! We will . ” The two men nodded .

Then, after a few days, Feng Jiu said farewell to her family and sent Ye Jing home . At the same time, they also finally departed for the Eight Supreme Empires .

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Shortly after she left, the Shangguan family sent three elders to the door . Feng Xiao, based on the discussion with Feng Jiu, refused to acknowledge the familial relationship and rejected their intention .

Even if Shangguan Wanrong came back in the future, they just wanted to acknowledge Shangguan Wanrong instead of the Shangguan family relatives .

Feng Jiu didn’t take Fire Phoenix with her, but she took the three beasts of Old White, Little Black and Cloud Devouring Beast . However, in order not to attract attention, she put them all into her space .

She thought that when she got there, she would first set up a house in the town near Pill Sun Sect to house Leng Shuang and the others .

The Eight Supreme Empires were mysterious to the people here . They were not only far away from here, but also dangerous . It’s not easy to get there .

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People from the Nebula Sect came to choose their disciples . In addition to going back in an airship, some of them sent the selected disciples directly through the transmission array .

And the fastest way to and fro was indeed the transmission array . However, it took a lot of spirit stones to open the transmission array once . It can go back and forth almost in a blink of an eye, but not all sects would use the transmission array .

Even a big sect like the Nebula Sect was only able to use airships because they could also explain local customs of various regions, the things to pay attention to when they got there and the rules of the sect while travelling on the airship . At the same time, it was also to prepare them psychologically for a change in identity .

After encountering many dangers, it took more than three months for Feng Jiu’s party to finally enter the Eight Supreme Empires’ border…

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