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Chapter 1228: 1228
Chapter 1228 Feng Jiu dressed as a girl

“Feng Jiu, you’re so beautiful in a women’s dress!”

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Ye Jing couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration and looked at her from head to toe . She couldn’t believe how enchanting Feng Jiu was in a female dress . Compared to her wearing the red suit, she looked like a completely different person

“It’s not like that . ” She chuckled and took her hand . “Alright, I’ll show you around the palace . Then, we’ll go out to see the city . ”

“Good!” Ye Jing smiled, followed her to wander around the palace and looked at the scenery inside, then left a message that they’d return before the banquet . After that, they went out of the palace gate .

After returning to this place, Feng Jiu arranged the Feng guards to return to the Feng mansion . It was the same for Bi Shan and several others . Now, there were only two people following Feng Jiu, Leng Shuang and Leng Hua .

Although among those around Feng Jiu their strengths were not the best, their loyalty couldn’t be compared with that of others . They had been with her the longest and had accompanied her in most of her experiences . They would only follow whatever she instructed them to do without any doubts or hesitations .

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That’s one of the reasons she brought them with her .

Even though Feng Jiu hadn’t returned for a long time, as soon as she appeared, the city’s civilians still recognized her and each one of them greeted her . Some fruitsellers wanted to give her fruits to take back to eat . Ye Jing was very surprised .

“Princess . ”

“Your Royal Highness . ”

“Your Royal Highness…”

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Pure and simple voices resounded with joy . Along the way, the civilians called out and some waved at her and shouted from afar .

“Your Royal Highness, you haven’t been to our stall for a long time . ”

“Your Royal Highness, our restaurant recently introduced some new speciality dishes . ”

“Your Royal Highness…”

Ye Jing looked at Feng Jiu, who greeted the crowd with a smile, and said, “The customs in your city are really simple . This can’t be seen elsewhere . ”

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“That’s because my father used to be the Defender General of the State and I used to wander around in the city . The people in the city are familiar with us . ” Feng Jiu chuckled . After walking for a while, she told Ye Jing, “I’m telling you, some of the local stalls are more authentic than those in the restaurants . I’ll take you to have a taste . ”

She took Ye Jing to the stall she used to frequent, ordered some snacks, and told her while eating, “I will take you to see my Big Brother’s home tomorrow and the place where my family used to live . The two places are next to each other . ”

“Okay . ” She nodded in response and asked, “So, is your Big Brother not coming back?”

“It’s not certain whether he’s coming back . But, I believe that he will certainly go to the Eight Supreme Empires in the future . He has good talent and he has been getting experience outside all the time . He has more actual combat experience and strong combat effectiveness . ”

While speaking, she was eating some food . “Your turn . Will you report to the One-Star Academy after returning this time?”

“Mm . I’ll report to the academy . I don’t know if I can be chosen as a disciple by the sect, but, I have to try . ” After a brief pause, Ye Jing continued, “I’m also in the quota by recommendations . If it hadn’t been for the trouble at home, I would have passed much earlier . ”

“That’s good . I’ll see you again if I have a chance . ” Feng Jiu moved the plate with the snacks to her . “Taste this . ”

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