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Chapter 1224: 1224
Chapter 1224 The ten-year agreement is too long

Knowing that they were leaving today, several Feng guards who stayed at the inn waited early outside the Ye mansion . When the Ye mansion’s gate opened, their Master came out in a red suit .

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“Master . ” They all called out in one voice, gave her a salute, and waited .

“Mm . ” Feng Jiu nodded in reply .

The Ye couple, who came out to see them off, saw the impressive-looking men who were radiating strength and had imposing manners . They couldn’t help but praise them inwardly . The people around Ghost Doctor were excellent, each possessed a handsome face and outstanding temperament .

“Father, Mother, you don’t need to see me off . I’m with Feng Jiu, so you don’t need to worry . Nothing will happen . ” Ye Jing stopped and told her parents who were sending her outside the gate .

“Mm, we know . With Feng Jiu by your side, we can rest assured . ” Ye Clan Head and his wife answered . Then, he signalled the steward to come forward and deliver several boxes of gifts .

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“These are just humble gifts, so please don’t refuse them . If you do, you are really looking down at us . ” The Ye Clan Head told her, having the steward put the things quietly .

Seeing this, Feng Jiu smiled . “Uncle Ye is modest . Since that is the case, I will not refuse . Leng Hua, accept the gifts . ”

“Yes . ” Leng Hua answered and then went to pick up the gift boxes and put them inside the Heaven and Earth Bag .

“It’s getting late . We’re leaving . ” Feng Jiu cupped her fists in salute and turned toward Ye Jing .

Ye Jing understood and told her parents, “I’ll be back after a short visit . Don’t worry . We’re going now . ”

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“Have a safe journey . ” The Ye couple told her and warned her repeatedly . The party went out of the city .

Many clans of the city poured in the city gate, wanting to present the gifts in their hands . Before they got close, the Feng guards stopped them . When they got out of the city gate, the airship appeared .

“Let’s go!” Feng Jiu motioned . After the party got on the airship and left the people below behind, the airship soared to the sky and flew toward the Phoenix Empire .

Inside the palace in the distant Xuan Yuan Empire, one of the Eight Supreme Empires, Xuanyuan Mo Ze, in a luxurious black robe with the dark cloud patterns, stood by the window with his hands clasped behind his back . While looking at the sky outside, he thought of the woman that he cared about .

The concern and yearning in his heart made him regard the clustered white clouds in the sky as the sly-as-fox Feng Jiu . There, in the clouds, he seemed to see her smiling at him . It was as if he heard her sly, clear voice calling, Uncle, Uncle .

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The thin lips, which had been slightly pursed, raised imperceptibly . He smiled at the thought of the person who made him happy .

That woman, I wonder what’s she doing right now?

It’s been more than two years . The last message sent back by Ren Xiang said that she had entered the Golden Core stage and had also changed the two-star academy’s sacred realm totally unrecognizable .

He shook his head at the thought . This was what this woman was like . Wherever she went, there would be no peace, yet she wouldn’t suffer any loss .

Even when she fell into his hands, she could escape from him and even stole his heart, making him think that he was a cut-sleeve .

“A ten-year agreement . How could I make such a long promise with her?”

His low and magnetic voice came out with a smile of helplessness . Thinking of the agreement between the two, he couldn’t help sighing . The ten-year agreement was too long .

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