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Chapter 1216: 1216
Chapter 1216 I Am Ye Jing’s Close Friend

“A young boy in red clothes? Ye Jing’s friend?”

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In the main courtyard, Ye Family head was a little surprised at the steward’s words . It was strange that someone was looking for his daughter at this time . Ever since their two Ye family elders had failed in their advancement into the Nascent Soul stage, their family’s power was not as great as it was before . In fact, each day was worse than the day before .

In the past, the ones who had called themselves friends had avoided them . Especially after the Royal Family had pressured him to let his daughter become a side concubine, he had tried to seek their help but they avoided him . This made his heart go cold .

Although he knew that human nature was selfish, he had thought that friends would not be that way, those he had helped in the past wouldn’t be that way . But those people who had called themselves his friends were indeed superficial people .

His daughter had no choice but to agree to the marriage for the sake of the whole family . However, she had fallen ill from worries and was getting more severe and languished by the day . His wife was in tears all day long because of this, yet as the head of the family, there was nothing he could do .

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“Yes, the Young Master is very handsome and outstanding . He looks about the same age as Young Miss . ” The housekeeper said respectfully .

“Could it be a friend from the Six Star Academy?” When he thought of this, Ye family head ordered: “I will go and take a look . Don’t tell Eldest Young Miss yet . ”

“Yes . ” The housekeeper responded and went out with the family head .

When they arrived at the living room, they saw a young boy in red sitting down drinking tea . When the family head saw the young boy, he couldn’t help but be astonished, he was indeed outstanding .

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His disposition was unparalleled and he was very handsome . There was a noble breath about him that even a Royal child could not compare with . Seeing this, he walked up and said: “May I know who Young Master is?”

“My surname is Feng, my name is Jiu . I am Ye Jing’s friend . You must be Ye family head!” Feng Jiu stood up and bowed in respect .

“Yes I am, Young Master Feng please sit down . ”

He was surprised at the boy’s good manners and prestige . After he had invited him to sit down, he said: “My daughter is seriously ill, that’s why she is unable to come out to greet you . I apologise for the impoliteness and hope that Young Master Feng is not offended . ”

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Also, this is a Six Grade Country, and although news of Feng Jiu’s Ghost Doctor status had been spread across the powerful families in the upper-class countries, the Six Grade Country families had not received the news and portrait . Therefore, Ye family head didn’t know that the person standing in front of him was the famous Ghost Doctor .

“Of course not, Ye Jing is my close friend, I don’t mind at all . ” She said with a smile .

Seeing this, Ye family head asked in surprise: “I wonder, how did Young Master Feng and my daughter meet? Is Young Master Feng also a student at the Six Star Academy?”

“Yes, we met at the Six Star Academy . I really admire Ye Jing’s honesty and upright personality . I have been away for a while and not been back to the academy for quite some time . When I went back recently, I found out that Ye Jing had returned home . I heard that she had returned to be married, therefore I came to visit her . I didn’t expect to hear that she is sick . ”

Upon hearing this, Ye family head was relieved . So he was Ye Jing’s friend from the academy . It was good of her friend from the academy to come visit her .

He nodded and sighed: “It’s all because I am useless as her father, that’s why she is seriously ill . I assume Young Master Feng you must know by now the news about Ye Jing becoming a side concubine . ”

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