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Published at 23rd of June 2020 03:30:09 PM
Chapter 1214: 1214
Chapter 1214 News From Guan Xilin

She touched Little Black’s head soothingly as she could feel that it was feeling uncomfortable in her arms from the effects of the pill . She listened to its low growl until after a while, it finally relaxed in her arms .

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“Little Black, how is it? Say something . ” She touched its head and looked at it expectantly .

“Ah?” Little Black opened its mouth and made a human-like sound then stared blankly in shock at Feng Jiu .

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu laughed and rubbed its head: “Okay, I know you are silly . As long as you can speak that’s fine . You don’t have to talk non-stop like Old White . ”

She stood up and looked at the place then exhaled: “I have lived here for sometime . After I leave today, I don’t think there will be many chances for me to return again,”

As she said that, she seemed to have thought of something and was somewhat surprised: “That’s right, why haven’t I seen Ye Jing?”

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Guan Xilin as well . The Headmaster had said that there had been no news of him since he had left by himself . She was thinking of going to the Black Market to ask about him . But why hadn’t she seen Ye Jing since she had come back?

Thinking of this, she brought the two beasts with her and flew to the Spirit Division on her flying feather .

“Ye Jing? She was summoned home by her family a few months ago . I heard that she had gone home to get married . I don’t know what happened . ” said a teacher .

“Go home to get married?” Feng Jiu was stunned: “I didn’t know she liked anyone!”

“Apparently it is a family union marriage, I don’t know much about this matter . The person who came to pick her up that day had only said that it was a family union marriage . Ye Jing seemed reluctant to leave but left with them . This is their family matter and it’s private . As a teacher, it’s not at our liberty to ask too many questions . ”

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After hearing this, Feng Jiu nodded and bid goodbye after bowing in respect . After she left the academy, she headed straight for the Black Market .

She didn’t know that after she had left, Nie Teng and Ouyang Xiu had both gone to the Headmaster and requested to take their leave and report to the One Star Academy in advance .

They knew that she would definitely go to the Eight Great Empires, therefore they would go too!

When he heard that Feng Jiu had arrived, the Black Market Chief hurried outside to greet her and ushered her inside to sit down . The Black Market Chief smiled at her and said: “Young Master Feng, I have been waiting for you for a long time . ”

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“Oh? Is something wrong?” She frowned slightly as she looked at him .

“Hahaha, everything is fine . It’s just that Young Master Guan had sent someone with a letter for you . I knew that you weren’t in the Six Star Academy, so I’ve kept the letter here with me . Now that you’re here, I can finally give you the letter . ” Saying that, he took out the letter that he had kept with him all this time and handed it to her: “Here . ”

Upon seeing that, Feng Jiu took the letter and said with a smile: “I came here to ask if you have news about him but I didn’t expect him to have left a letter with you . ” As she spoke, she opened the letter to read .

The letter didn’t say much, only that during his training experience outside, he had found some clues to the whereabouts of his father . He wouldn’t be back for a while and that she didn’t need to worry about him .

Knowing that he was okay, she was relieved . After all, she hadn’t had any news about him having been away for so long . Now that there was his letter, she needn’t worry .

She kept the letter and said: “I plan to return to Phoenix Dynasty . If there are any letters for me in the future, you can send your men to deliver it there to me . ”

“Young Master Feng is going back?” He was slightly surprised . Then he thought about it again and said: “Yes, Young Master Feng has been away from home for a long time, it’s time to go back . ”

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