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Published at 22nd of June 2020 03:35:09 PM
Chapter 1212: 1212
Chapter 1212 Hide In Plain Sigh

“Ah?” She was a little puzzled by what she had heard .

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“Don’t give me that . We know all about the things you did at the Two Star Academy . ” One of the teachers said with a smile when he saw the students gathering around at the back and yelling .

“Okay, okay, what are you all doing here?” The Deputy Headmaster came over and motioned for the students to move away . He came to Feng Jiu’s side and when he saw her, he couldn’t help but smile: “The Headmaster knows that you’re back . He is waiting for you at the main peak, come with me!”

“Okay . ” Feng Jiu nodded and followed him through the crowd to the main peak .

As they watched Feng Jiu follow the Deputy Headmaster to the main peak, they began to discuss between themselves .

“Have you noticed something is different about Feng Jiu?”

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“Yes, I can sense it too . Something definitely feels different . Even though he was just standing there not talking, but there was an obvious strong breath coming off of him . ”

“Hasn’t he already advanced to the Golden Core stage? The breath on him will be different . ”

“Speaking of which, he advanced really quickly . It’s not been that long and he has already advanced to the Golden Core stage and we are still at the same stage . ”

“You can’t compare him to us, comparisons are repulsive”

While the students were discussing, on two mountain peaks, Nie Teng and Ouyang Xiu hadn’t approached . Instead, they stood on the mountain peaks and looked at the red figure from afar .

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Nie Teng’s heart had complicated feelings towards Feng Jiu . If he hadn’t used such extreme methods back then, things might have been different now . After experiencing so many things, he no longer wanted to dominate her .

He knew that she was an extraordinary woman and was unparalleled, even a man would be ashamed of himself . He was not worthy of such a woman .

In his mind, the image of the cold murderous figure appeared, the man who exuded a domineering power of a king, maybe that was who she belonged to ultimately!

Ouyang Xiu’s thoughts were different to his as he looked at the figure in red . There was only admiration in his heart . From his initial moment of noncompliance, he had to admit that Feng Jiu had convinced him without a doubt .

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Even though Nie Teng’s strength was greater than his, he had never submitted to him . But Feng Jiu was different . All the things she did shocked him and made him feel incredible .

On the other side, Feng Jiu had arrived at the main peak and saw the Headmaster sitting at the stone table making tea . Upon seeing this, she stepped forward and greeted him: “Headmaster . ”

“Sit . ” The Headmaster gestured and handed her a cup of tea . He looked at the radiant and bright and smiled: “You have been working hard outside this past year . ”

“Not really, I have been travelling and it’s been an eye opener . ” She took the cup of tea and replied, looking at the Headmaster: “Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, I have come to bid goodbye to the both of you . ”

“Are you going back?” The Headmaster asked, unsurprised . She had never belonged there and she was bound to go back sooner or later .

“Yes, I plan to return to Phoenix Dynasty to see my family . After that, I will leave for the Eight Great Empires . ” She told them her plans .

“Go! This place is small and there is nothing to keep you here . You have to remember to be careful when you go to the Eight Great Empires . The strong men there are like the forest, if you are not careful, you will be killed . You must know how to hide in plain sight . ”

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