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Published at 21st of June 2020 03:05:07 PM
Chapter 1209: 1209
Chapter 1209 Acid Water

A figure in red walked out of the room and the people who were watching with indifference couldn’t help but ran upstairs .

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“Ghost Doctor! It’s the Ghost Doctor! The Ghost Doctor has come out!”

The sounds of surprise and excitement could be heard and the cultivators who were downstairs seeking medical help had come upstairs . However, before they could approach, they were stopped by Bi Shan .

“Ghost Doctor, I beg you please save my grandson! Please save my grandson!”

The old woman held her grandson in one hand and the other hand reached out to pull Feng Jiu . Somehow, in that moment, a dagger had appeared in her hand, the blade glinted as it aimed for Feng Jiu . At the same time, the child in the old woman’s arms who was about seven or eight years old leapt up and unscrewed a bottle and spilled its contents onto Feng Jiu .

Bi Shan exclaimed in shock: “Master, be careful!” He was about to step forward when he was pushed back by a force and thrown a few metres back .

As the old woman attacked, Feng Jiu kicked out and with a flick of her sleeve pushed Bi Shan away at the same time . She retreated and avoided the contents of the bottle the child threw at her .

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The contents of the bottle had white fumes and made a sizzling sound as it splashed onto the floor and corroded the floor, making holes in it . When she saw this, Feng Jiu’s eyes flinched and turned cold . She glanced coldly at the child who was about to pounce at her and in the next moment, a silver needle shot out of her hand .

“Swish, swish!”


The needle pierced the spot between his eyebrows and left a trace of blood . His body stiffened and he fell to the ground with his eyes wide open . In an instant, he went from being alive to dead .


The old woman cried out and threw herself forwards again . Her eyes like a bird of prey and full of bloodthirsty murderous intention . If one hadn’t known better, they would have thought that she was full of hatred for Feng JIu .

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Feng Jiu stood still and watched the old woman pounce forwards . It wasn’t until she had gotten near that a dagger appeared at an unpredictable speed with a powerful spiritual breath and the old woman couldn’t avoid it even if she had wanted to .



The dagger with powerful spiritual breath slammed into the old woman’s heart and hit her spine with a powerful force .

The old woman’s body stiffened as a result of the blow . Her mouth opened as if she couldn’t believe that she was killed so easily .

“Master, your subordinate has been derelict in his duty, please punish me Master!”

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When Bi Shan had finally recovered from his shock, he stepped forwards and knelt on one knee . He had failed to protect Master and caused Master to be ambushed and nearly killed, it was his fault .

The cultivators who had rushed upstairs were stunned by the scene . Someone actually dared to assassinate the Ghost Doctor in broad daylight? They’re asking to die!

Feng Jiu’s expression was like frost as she stepped forward and pulled the dagger out of the body . She said coldly: “Check their bodies for clues . ”

“Yes . ”

Bi Shan responded quickly and stepped forwards to search the bodies . However, no clues could be found, he only pulled out a poison pill each from between their teeth . Upon seeing this, he reported: “Master, these are probably sacrificial men, there is poison between their teeth and no clues on their bodies . ”

“Drag it out and deal with it . ” Feng Jiu turned around and went inside and wondered, who wanted to kill her? They had even used Acid Water .

Acid Water was a poisonous water that could dissolve a body into a pool of water and it could also disfigure a person and blind a person . Who was it that wanted to deal with her?

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