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Chapter 1206
Chapter 1206 Travel In Casual Clothes

“You refined the elixirs, so shouldn’t what you say be the rules?” As soon as her voice fell, the young boy had flicked his robes up and stood up .

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“I’m sorry, I shall be taking my leave now . ” She said and stepped out of the pavilion and said to the two palace servants: “Where is the palace quarters the Country Ruler has arranged for me? Lead the way!”

“It’s at the front of the palace, please come this way . ” The two palace servants said hurriedly, half bent over to lead the way .

The concubine was a little stunned as she watched the sudden departure of the youth in red . She had felt a little angry and also a little helpless . The Ghost Doctor had a special status, even though she was the Country Ruler’s concubine, she didn’t dare to do anything to him .

Over the next two days, Feng Jiu stayed in the palace . Before she left, the Country Ruler had prepared many gifts for her to take away . She was unable to refuse and in the end, she had finally accepted the gifts .

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Feng Jiu was surrounded by people who had come looking for medical treatment the moment she had stepped out of the palace . Fortunately, Bi Shan was there to fend off those people so that Feng Jiu could return to the inn to rest .

She had planned to stay in the city for two days to take a look at the spirit herbs in the FIrst Grade Imperial City before going back . However, it hadn’t been long since she had returned to the inn when someone was requesting an audience with her .

Outside her room, Bi Shan reported: “Master, the Family Head from the Lee Family is outside . ”

“I’m not seeing him . Anyone who comes seeking an audience, send them away . ”

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As she stood in her room replying, she looked down at her red clothes and her eyebrows lowered slightly . She was almost transparent in this Imperial City now . When she walked out to buy something or walk around, she would be surrounded by people before she could do either . After thinking for a while, she retrieved a set of humble green clothes from space and put it on . After she modified it slightly, she sneaked out from the rear bedroom window .

At this time, the people were still standing outside the front of the inn waiting for Feng Jiu to come out . What they didn’t know was that she had already changed her clothes and was dressed as an ordinary looking teenager and had left after disappearing into the crowd .

An ordinary figure dressed in green clothes was wandering around the largest Spirit Herb Market in the city . Sometimes he looked at something and other times he had touched something . When he saw spirit herbs that couldn’t be found anywhere else, he was unexpectedly surprised at this place .

“This is indeed a First Grade Country, the First Grade Country’s biggest Spirit Herb Market is really not bad . There are so many good things, this trip is not in vain . ” She stood in front of a cabinet and leaned forwards slightly looking at the piece of snake skin placed inside it, unable to look away .

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“What a good thing! A whole strip of aquamarine snake skin . The technique is so good that’s why the skin is so intact . ”

She murmured as her head swarmed with thoughts of the efficacy of the snake skin when used as a medicine and thought of many medical formulas that could use the snake skin as an ingredient . She straightened her back and looked around . Not far behind her, she saw a young man dressed in blue looking at her .

Upon seeing this, she pointed at the snake skin in the cabinet and said to the man: “Take this out and let me take a look . ” Aquamarine snakes were rare and their snake skin was even more precious . The selling price could be very high, therefore, there were also many counterfeits .

The man walked over when he heard Feng Jiu’s words . After glancing at the snake skin in the cabinet, he looked at Feng Jiu and said: “This aquamarine snake skin is worth two hundred thousand gold coins, customer, do you still need me to take it out?”

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows and her lips curled up slightly . She replied with a smile yet not quite a smile: “Just because it is worth two hundred thousand gold coins I can’t ask you to take it out for me to look at it? Don’t tell me that here you still go by the rule that you have to buy what you see?”

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