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Chapter 1204: 1204
Chapter 1204 Do You Know of Hell’s Palace?

She had mentioned Hell’s Palace at this time, could the person she was talking about be from Hell’s Palace?

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When he thought of this, he felt a thump in his head and his mood fluctuated violently as he looked at her and asked in as calm a tone as he could: “Don’t tell me that the person you’re talking about belongs to Hell’s Palace?”

“That’s right, he’s Hell Palace’s Hell’s Lord . ” She revealed a smile and continued speaking: “This is actually not a secret . Back when Green Gallop Country’s Crown Prince and Murong Bo went against my Feng family, he had already appeared . ”

The Country Ruler was unable to keep smiling . He knew that the power and influence behind Feng Jiu was great, however, he hadn’t realised that besides the forces he had known about there was another stronger and more formidable force that he was afraid to offend supporting her . His heart trembled as he thought of this .

Hell’s Palace’s power was strong though there were people who had thought about getting rid of them . However, according to their investigation and discovery, they had found out that this force was linked to an extremely powerful force of the Eight Great Empires . Since knowing this, the Country Rulers of several First Grade Countries had ordered their subjects to avoid the people from Hell’s Palace and avoid making enemies out of them .

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Hell’s Palace was alright and hadn’t interfered much with them . They only existed in the dark and did things in secret . They had never interfered with any disputes on their side, therefore, gradually they had let their guard down .

Today, he had heard the two words Hell’s Palace come out from the Ghost Doctor’s mouth, and she had said something that shocked him . If everyone had known about the relationship between the Ghost Doctor and Hell’s Palace, they would probably not dare to offend her .

What had surprised him even more was the Ghost Doctor’s father Feng Xiao, the country the Ghost Doctor was from obviously had a powerful backing and yet, ever since they had founded their Dynasty, they had never made use of these relations . Otherwise, Phoenix Dynasty wouldn’t be the Six Grade Country that it still was at the moment .

With such a powerful force backing it, it was definitely qualified to become a First Grade Country .

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At this time, a palace servant had stepped forward . After bowing, he reported: “Country Ruler, Shangguan Family’s Old Patriarch and Family Head are here . ”

He froze for a moment then said to Feng Jiu: “Ghost Doctor, please make yourself at home . I will have the palace servant take you for a walk and then escort you back to the palace to rest . ”

“Okay . ” She nodded slightly and smiled . She watched as he left instructions with the two palace servants before he left .

Shangguan Family?

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Her eyes moved slightly and the corner of her lips curled upwards as she walked slowly amongst the flowers . After a while she went to the pavilion in the Royal Garden and sat down . She had one hand on her chin and the other hand tapping the table as she said to the two palace servants: “Make me a pot of tea and bring me a plate of almond crisps and a plate of millet cakes . ”

“Yes . ” The palace servants responded . One waited outside the pavilion while the other had gone to instruct the palace servants to prepare tea and cakes .

Bi Shan was also standing guard outside the pavilion . As he looked at the flowers in the Royal Garden, his mind was booming from being shocked by one piece of shocking news and then another .

Not long after, the palace servants brought the tea and cakes and stood quietly outside the pavilion without disturbing her .

At the same time, in the side hall, the Country Ruler was chatting to the father and son from the Shangguan Family when he finally asked: “May I ask the reason both of you are here for today?”

In actual fact, his guard had already told him about the incident that had happened in the streets . He just hadn’t expected them to follow so soon after Feng Jiu had entered the palace .

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