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Chapter 1201: 1201
Chapter 1201 Palace Side Hall

“I came over because I wanted to talk about Feng Jiu . I am afraid that it will be counterproductive . ” The voice of the Third Elder dropped and only Old Patriarch’s voice could be heard .

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“You don’t need to handle this matter, I have my own arrangements . ”

When he heard those words, even though he had more to say, the Third Elder shook his head and walked away instead .

Perhaps to the outsiders, the Shangguan Family was a centuries old Alchemist family and were magnificent beyond comparison . However, the few elders knew that the Shangguan Family were not the same as they were before .

The descendants of the family who practised alchemy few and none of them were outstanding . The only talented child Shangguan Wanrong had stayed at home initially, but she had been taken away for half a year now . If there were no more fresh blood and new talent being pushed up, then the Shangguan Family was sure to decline .

In fact, they were already going downhill at this point in time . It was just that the Shangguan family head and Old Patriarch’s had refused to admit it .

Perhaps they knew it . Otherwise, when they learnt that the Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu was the daughter of Feng Xiao and Wanrong, they would not have tried to bring her back to the Shangguan Family .

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However, they didn’t know that Feng Jiu was unlike other people . As a Princess of the Phoenix Empire she was able to personally push her father up to the position of Sovereign, that alone was enough to prove her extraordinary ability .

Moreover, her reputation as the Ghost Doctor had long surpassed that of the Shangguan Family, so how could she be so easily controlled by them? To become part of the Shangguan Family?

On the other hand, when the people in the palace heard of the arrival of the Ghost Doctor, the concubines were pleasantly surprised as they thought that they might be able to get a Nourishing Beauty Pill from the Ghost Doctor to help them look more beautiful . Therefore, they all went to the Country Ruler to beg him to take them to the Ghost Doctor .

While the concubines were waiting outside the hall, the Heaven’s Prayer Country Ruler was inside the palace hall listening to the report of the Dark Guard .

“Oh? So the identity of the Ghost Doctor is the Princess of Phoenix Empire? It’s a girl?” The Country Master was surprised . When he had heard the news, he had sent someone to invite her over . However, he hadn’t expected Shangguan Family to have found out and knew the real identity of the Ghost Doctor was the Princess of the Phoenix Empire, and said that she was Shangguan Family’s niece?

If this news was true then it would be terrible .

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“The Shangguan family head said it on the street but the Ghost Doctor didn’t acknowledge him . Instead she mocked him and caused him embarrassment . ”

“Is she here now?” The Country Ruler asked .

“She is here and settled in the side hall . ”

“Well, I shall go and speak to the Ghost Doctor . ” He stood up and walked out . He was very curious about the Ghost Doctor . The moment he stepped outside, he saw a group of concubines who then gathered around when they saw him .

“Country Ruler, we heard that the Ghost Doctor has come to the palace . ”

“Country Ruler we want to go to see the Ghost Doctor too and ask for medicinal pills . ”

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“Country Ruler…”

Listening to the disarray of voices and seeing the women in that state, the Country Ruler shook his sleeve and said in a deep voice: “Enough, go back at once! Look at the state of yourselves!”

When they heard this, they daren’t utter another word but only retreated with their heads bowed in response .

In the side hall, Feng Jiu was sipping tea and eating the delicate cakes from the palace leisurely . Bi Shan who was behind her wasn’t quite as comfortable as she was . This was the first time he had entered a palace, even though he was standing behind his Master in the palace’s side hall, it still seemed unimaginable .

He had thought that his Master was from a rich family, he hadn’t expected her to be the Princess of the Phoenix Empire……

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