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Chapter 1198: 1198
Chapter 1198 Are you ordering me?

She shot a glance at the person in front of her, her clear and slow voice was somewhat indifferent . “I know better whether the Shangguan family are my relatives . ”

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Did this imply that she didn’t acknowledge the Shangguan family as her relatives at all?

With this idea, all the clan heads’ expressions changed . It seemed that this was not what the Shangguan clan head said at all . Even if the Ghost Doctor’s identity as Feng Xiao’s daughter was true, but if she didn’t acknowledge the familial relationship with the Shangguan family, it was just treated as something that the Shangguan family arranged blindly .

Yes, considering the status and power of the Ghost Doctor, if any family could benefit from a relationship with her, they would have done so .

But, what they didn’t expect was that the real identity of the Ghost Doctor was the Phoenix Empire’s princess . Was the Phoenix Empire a sixth-grade country? It seemed that it was necessary for them to check immediately after they went back . If this was true, even if the Phoenix Empire was located far away from here, they must send lavish gifts to get to know them .

At the moment, the clan heads were already planning for ways to get acquainted with Feng Xiao and to claim connections with the Phoenix Empire .

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Fortunately, at present, they were still a sixth-grade country . If Feng Xiao and others were much stronger to the level where people had to revere them, then, at that time, it would be difficult to claim connections with Feng Xiao and others .

But having said that, even if they wanted to claim connections with the current Ghost Doctor, it was a difficult thing to do .

“Why not? What I said is true . You are really our Shangguan family’s niece . Your mother is really my sister Shangguan Wanrong . ” Seeing Feng Jiu had no intention of acknowledging their familial connection at all, his tone became bad .

“Is it? My father never mentioned it to me . ” She said casually, glanced at him, and spoke with a faint smile . “However, it’s the first time for me to meet the Shangguan clan head who admits relatives in the street . Shangguan Clan Head, this is really not the way to do it . In the future, if anyone wants to claim connections with me and say that I’m their relative, won’t I be busy then?”

Listening to this sarcastic remark, the Shangguan clan head was so angry that he nearly spurted out blood in anger .

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This was to say that they, the Shangguan family, wanted to ingratiate themselves with her and wished to acknowledge the familial relationship with her? When this word got out, wouldn’t the Shangguan family lose face?

Hearing this, several clan heads looked at each other, and one of them came forward with a smile . “Ghost Doctor, maybe the Shangguan clan head thinks that since they are an influential alchemy family and Feng Jiu is an excellent alchemist, that makes you a family . ”

As soon as these words came out, many people around them covered their mouths and started laughing . Yeah! Seeing that he is the Ghost Doctor and an alchemist, this made them relatives? When did this Shangguan family become so thick-skinned and shameless?


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When the Shangguan clan head heard that remark, his face flushed with anger . He was even more ashamed to hear the laughter from all around him . Immediately, his tone became harsh .

“Feng Jiu, return to the Shangguan mansion with me! Your grandfather is at home and he will tell you what you don’t know!”

“Shangguan Clan Head, are you ordering me?”

Feng Jiu’s previously indifferent voice turned chilly at this very moment and became fierce . She looked up and directed her chilly and fierce gaze at the Shangguan clan head .

When he met Feng Jiu’s gaze, the Shangguan clan head shook with fear inwardly . He couldn’t help but shiver as he felt ice-cold from the soles of his feet straight to his heart .

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