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Published at 15th of June 2020 05:05:05 PM
Chapter 1197: 1197
Chapter 1197 Ghost Doctor is a woman

“Shangguan Clan Head, you said that Ghost Doctor is Feng Xiao’s daughter . Who is this Feng Xiao? What’s more, you mean that the Ghost Doctor standing in front of us is a woman? Is she disguised as a man? ”

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One clan head couldn’t help but ask the question that was on his mind . His gaze fell on Feng Jiu, but he couldn’t see that she was a woman . The young man’s demeanour was free and unrestrained, his red robe was dazzling, his face was as beautiful as an immortal, his eyebrows radiated self-confidence, his slightly raised aloof and mysterious eyes were overflowing with unruly and enchanting aura . There was a kind of innate dignity that pervaded his body, which was definitely not something that a woman could have .

It was hard for them to believe that such an excellent young man was a woman .

“Clan Head…” Seeing that the situation was not developing well, the Third Elder was trying to stop him from speaking . However, the clan head’s voice, using his spirit energy breath, had already transmitted over .

“Hahaha, all of you may not know this . In fact, my younger sister Wanrong has been married . Her husband is Feng Xiao but they had to separate for some reasons . So many years had passed without us hearing any news about Feng Xiao . From our recent investigation, we learned that Feng Jiu, the Ghost Doctor, is Feng Xiao’s daughter and also my niece . ”

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He suddenly threw out a piece of heavyweight news, causing an uproar around him . Each and every one of them was talking about the shocking news .

They knew that woman, Shangguan Wanrong, was the most excellent in the Shangguan family . It could be said that she had the best alchemy talent among the three generations of the Shangguan family and also the most mysterious .

Very few people had ever seen her . As far as they knew, Shangguan Wanrong had not married . When half-year ago she was accepted as the last disciple of the Third Yang Assembly’s master, all they knew about her were just some rumours .

Unexpectedly, today, the Shangguan clan head announced such shocking news . It turned out that Shangguan Wanrong had already married and had a daughter? In this case, why did she stay at the Shangguan’s mansion? What was the reason for this?

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Was Feng Jiu really Shangguan Wanrong’s daughter?

When the Shangguan clan head saw everyone’s shock, he was very satisfied since that was precisely what he wanted . He believed that it wouldn’t be long before this news spread all over the country . Everyone would know that Ghost Doctor was the Shangguan family’s niece .

Only the Shangguan family’s Third Elder was worried about this . He thought it’s impossible for this matter to conform to the clan head’s intention . After all, Feng Jiu was not like an ordinary person who would be happy to suddenly gain relatives like the Shangguan family .

“Feng Jiu, your mother is my sister, Shangguan Wanrong . I’m your uncle . The Shangguan family is your family . Let’s go home with me! Your grandfather is already waiting at home . ” The Shangguan clan head smiled at Feng Jiu .

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Bi Shan, standing behind Feng Jiu, also looked at the master in front of him with astonishment and somewhat incredulous .

Was Master actually a woman? Was what the Shangguan clan head said true? Was the Master’s mother really Shangguan Wanrong?

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At this time, Feng Jiu looked up indifferently . The corners of her lips were slightly curved up, revealing a very faint smile . Her clear eyes looked at the smiling Shangguan clan head in front of her who seemed quite certain that she would acknowledge the familial relationship .

“The Shangguan clan head really knows how to joke . ”

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