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Chapter 1195: 1195
Chapter 1195 Three Silver Needles

“Shangguan Clan Head is here!”

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Someone shouted from the crowd . Everyone turned their heads . When they saw that indeed the Shangguan family came in, the crowd retreated quickly to make a way for them .

When the woman on the ground heard this, she crawled, intending to stand up . But, when she finally stood up, her legs were caught and pulled by the whip until she fell back to the ground and received another lash at her back .

“Ah! Father, help me…help me…”

The woman cried in an anguished voice . The Shangguan clan head and Third Elder who rushed in were all in shock . When he stepped forward and saw this scene, the Shangguan clan head yelled loudly .

“Stop it!’


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A lashing sound rang out following his shout . A miserable shriek resounded again . When the wail reached the Shangguan clan head’s ears, anger surged in his heart .

“I said stop!”

With his furious shout, two Golden Core cultivators came forward and about to wrest the whip away from Feng Jiu’s hand . Unexpectedly, she rewarded them directly with the lash, making the two men retreat quickly in pain .

“Young Master Feng, please stay your hand . ” The Third Elder personally came forward to block . He looked at the frosty-looking young man and smiled . “She is the young daughter of the clan head . She has been arrogant and wilful since childhood . Now Young Master Feng has also taught her a lesson . I also ask Young Master Feng to be magnanimous and not to quarrel with her . ”

Feng Jiu stopped . She saw the old man in front of her was the Third Elder that she had met before . She dropped the whip in her hand and walked towards Bi Shan .

Bi Shan restrained the mercenary team’s leader without killing him . After giving the leader a cold look, Bi Shan retracted the sword at his throat and yelled, “Get lost!”

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The shout telling him to get lost was very humiliating . Especially when the man was the leader of the mercenary team, getting yelled at by a previous subordinate, how could he not be indignant?

Rage was boiling in his heart at the pain from his injured hand and the mercenaries who were not dead but howling in pain and couldn’t stand up . When he saw Bi Shan putting away his sword and turning to leave, he moved his hand . A dagger came out of his sleeve and fell into his palm . He rushed forward and thrust the sharp dagger at the back of Bi Shan’s neck .

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The crowd around him gasped at the sight . This mercenary team’s leader was so unscrupulous . The man took mercy on him, yet, he returned it with a sneak attack . Such a person was no good .

Bi Shan seemed to be aware of it and turned around to take a look .

However, without waiting for him to act, the youth in red in front turned and raised his hand and seemed to have shot something . Immediately, the mercenary team’s leader groaned with his eyes opened wide then his body slumped off .

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Three silver needles were stuck between his eyebrows .

“Don’t be merciful to those who want your life . Kill those who should be killed . ” The red robed Feng Jiu turned to Bi Shan and said it matter-of-factly . Her expression was cold and filled with killing intent .

Bi Shan looked at the fallen man with a dagger in his hand, nodded and responded, “Yes . ” He shouldn’t have been soft-hearted and should have killed him as soon as he was aware of the leader’s killing intent .

When the people around them saw this scene, there was only a moment of silence . No one said anything, because they saw that Bi Shan spared the man but the man had a murderous intent toward Bi Shan . He deserved to be stabbed by those three silver needles in the middle of his eyebrows .

The red robed young man was not only brave but also had excellent skills .

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