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Chapter 1189: 1189
Chapter 1189 Encountering the mercenary team

When she heard his words, Feng Jiu glanced up at him and chuckled . “if I have a chance in the future, of course, I will go . ” With that, she stood up . “Since the person that I’m looking for is not here, I have to go, too . Goodbye . ”

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“It’s rare for Young Master Feng to come to the Imperial City, why don’t you stay here for a while? We’ll do our best to host and show you around . ”

“No, I still have things to do . I’ll come back later if I have a chance . ”

“In that case, I’ll see Young Master Feng off . ” He personally escorted her to the door .

When Bi Shan, who was outside, saw Feng Jiu coming out, he then went up to her and followed her out of the Black Market .

Watching them leave, the Black Market chief stood for a moment before turning around and walking inside .

Bi Shan saw Feng Jiu in a worse mood after she came out of the place and wondered about it . As he saw her not returning to the inn but walking aimlessly on the street, he followed to protect her .

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When they reached the main street, a group of mercenaries came into the city . He took a glance and then averted his eyes . Even though he didn’t intend to pay attention, the mercenaries called out after seeing him .

“Bi Shan!”

The cry made the mercenary team stop at their track and look around . When they saw the muscular Bi Shan dressed in black, their eyes opened wide as if they had seen ghosts . They thought it was inconceivable .

“Bi, Bi Shan! It’s really him! Why is he here? Why is he still… ” Why was he still alive?

All the mercenaries found it implausible . Their team had just returned from the mountains . They went with dozens of people but less than twenty people remained . All their bodies were riddled with scars .

On the contrary, Bi Shan that they thought had died or had been eaten by ferocious beasts, stood here intact . The sight was too shocking and made it difficult for them to calm down .

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They thought that he was already dead…

Seeing him, they thought of what they had done to him before . After the inconceivable feeling passed, one after another lowered their heads in shame .

The leader, a Golden Core peak level cultivator, was the one who called Bi Shan . He watched Bi Shan walking with a cold and imposing manner, looking very capable . He immediately strode forward .

“Bi Shan, it’s great that you’re still alive!”

His hand reached out for his shoulder . In the past, as two good brothers, if one put his arms on the brother’s shoulder, the other would reciprocate with the same gesture . But, at this moment, Bi Shan avoided him with an indifferent look .

“I’m sorry, please get out of the way . ”

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Bi Shan looked at the man in front of him . He was the team leader as well as his brother . He once gave his life to save the man, but in the end … .

He recalled the scene when he was abandoned at the Hell Mountains . Not only had they abandoned him, his cosmos sack had also been taken away . His heart turned to ice and he continued to walk away .

These people had nothing to do with him .

“Bi Shan, where are you going?” The leader of the mercenary team turned and blocked his way . Looking at the fierce Bi Shan, he said, “Bi Shan, come back! I need you, we all need you! ”

If he had not abandoned Bi Shan there, maybe his team would not have suffered such a heavy loss . Abandoning him was the worst decision he had ever made .

At this moment, he was still thinking about his own interest and not Bi Shan’s .

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