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Chapter 1185: 1185
Chapter 1185 Ghost Doctor is here

When the Shangguan’s clan head heard Third Elder’s words, he frowned slightly with his lips pursed, looking somewhat unwilling .

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Also the Shangguan family was originally renowned among all major countries as an alchemy clan . People respected their outstanding status . However, since the mysterious young man called Ghost Doctor appeared, his fame surpassed their century-old family . So much so that a medicinal pill or a bottle of potion that he took out at random could make all countries crazy and numerous powerful men fought over them .

Those items were marked so high, reaching sky-high prices . What was even more repulsive was that those were only released at the auctions from time to time and would then disappear for a few months or even longer . Yet, all forces were bewitched by his medicinal potions and elixirs . They made inquiries everywhere .

From the time Ghost Doctor appeared, the number of people coming to Shangguan clan to seek medicine became less and less . How could he swallow it down? Still, inviting Ghost Doctor to the Shangguan family as a guest of honour? Oh, he was reluctant and unhappy to do so .

“Since Third Elder has already said so, I’ll leave this matter to you!” The Shangguan’s family head stood up, flicking his sleeves while walking out . It was obvious that he didn’t want to pay attention to it .

Seeing this, Third Elder shook his head and sighed . Then they looked at the guard who had retreated to the door and asked, “Where is Ghost Doctor?”

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“Replying to the Third Elder . When subordinate came back to report, they were heading to the inn . Perhaps they’re at the inn this time . We have people following them . ”

“Mm, lead the way!” He made a gesture for the guard to guide him there .

“Yes . ” The guard responded and left the mansion together with him .

At the same time, after booking their rooms, Feng Jiu and Bi Shan left the inn . Bi Shan spoke in a low voice . “Master, it seems some people have been following us . There are more than one group of them . ”

“Then, let’s throw them off track!” She said indifferently while walking along the street .

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Sometimes her steps were fast and sometimes slow, sometimes she stopped to look at things on the street . The people behind were a little worried about losing their tracks but they’re also afraid of getting too close and being found out, until about the time it took a column of incense to burn .

“Eh? Where are they? How did they disappear?” Two men came out of the shadows and found that Feng Jiu and Bi Shan who were still looking at some stuff at the stall in front of them had already dropped out from their sight without their knowledge .

It was not just them . Some other people, who also followed them and lost their tracks, looked for them everywhere . When so many people were watching, they could still lose those two? How would they explain this to their superiors?

On the other side, Feng Jiu sat in the corner of an inconspicuous small stall with Bi Shan . The stall was partially covered with cloth . Additionally, they were sitting in the corner and the people outside blocked them from sight . Therefore, no one could see them .

Feng Jiu ordered some snacks and a bowl of sweet soup and sat there eating leisurely .

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“Master, those people have passed by . ” Bi Shan noticed that the people who followed them secretly were searching everywhere and walked past them on the street outside .

“Mm, don’t bother about them . ” She drank the sweet soup . She knew that they must have been the people from major families in the imperial city .

She didn’t disguise herself or cover up her identity when she came here . Since the people of first-grade country’s influential clans had her portrait in their hands, they would naturally make some preparations . It’s no surprise that they had known about her arrival here .

But, while Feng Jiu was eating authentic snacks in this stall, the people who got the news rushed to the inn but to no avail . No one had met Feng Jiu . When they asked their subordinates, they finally realized that those people had lost their tracks .

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