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Chapter 1184: 1184
Chapter 1184 How could we not go?

While some of those people followed behind and some left, at the same time, Feng Jiu, who was still walking leisurely on the street, looked slightly sideways with her lips slightly curved and continued walking .

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“What? The man in the portrait is here? Are you serious?”

After hearing the report from his subordinates, the head of one of the influential clans in the Imperial City was pleasantly surprised .

“Yes, Subordinate saw it correctly . He wore a red robe and looked very beautiful . It’s the young man in the portrait . Your subordinate assigned people to follow him secretly and came to report . ” The guard said respectfully .

“You’ve seen him . So, other families should have noticed, too?” The clan head pondered and told him, “Hurry up, tell your Young Master to come here . I’m going to get Ghost Doctor to our house before them . ”

At this time, the Steward came up to him . “Master, Young Master went out early in the morning . He said he would go shopping . I’m afraid it’s…”

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“Then you must send someone to look for him . Once you find him, bring him back home . ” He waved and strode out .

At a different place, another family was overjoyed to hear the news .

“So, did Ghost Doctor really come to our Heaven’s Prayer Country’s Imperial City? That’s great! Make haste, come with me to welcome him, so that the other old guys won’t take the lead . ” As the person on the master seat spoke, he brought his men and went out .

Shangguan’s clan was also surprised after hearing the spy’s report .

“Ghost Doctor is here in the Imperial City? So, all the forces in the Imperial City know?” From the way the Shangguan’s clan head spoke, it was as if he was not excited at all and had no emotions .

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“Yes . Your subordinate saw those people’s spies have already gone back to report the news . ”

“Tch! Those old guys are very quick on their feet . But it’s just a young man who can refine some unrealistic stuff . What’s so rare? When it comes to alchemy, which family is better than our Shangguan clan?”

The guard below bowed his head and kept silent, listening to the indignant and disapproving voice of his Master echoing in the hall .

“Just get people to keep an eye on him and see what the boy is doing in the Imperial City . ” He waved his hand and motioned for him to withdraw . However, at this very moment, an old man came in .

“Clan head, I heard the news, saying that Ghost Doctor came to the Imperial City? I wonder if we can send someone to welcome him?” It’s the Shangguan family’s Third Elder who once met Feng Jiu .

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“He’s just a young man in his teens who just started out his career . Third Elder elders praised him too much . We are the Shangguan family, the influential alchemy clan in the first grade country . It’s a joke if we go to curry favour with a teenager from an unknown origin . ” The person who sat on the master’s seat wasn’t the Shangguan family’s Old Patriarch . He’s the Patriarch’s eldest son . So that made him Feng Jiu’s uncle .

The Third Elder frowned slightly to hear this . “Clan Head, this Feng Jiu is not a small fish in a big pond . We can’t deny the fact that we were unable to refine the things he made, even if we are the Shangguan family . If this person doesn’t come to our Imperial City, then it’s fine . But if he’s coming here and we’re not welcoming him, don’t we just give the opportunity to others for nothing?”

After a pause, he said, “I met him once before . If I go to welcome him, I may be able to invite him to join us . If we can delve into alchemy cooperatively with him, it would be of great benefit to our Shangguan family . ”

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