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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:52:00 PM
Chapter 1171

“Be careful, try not to move his legs . ”

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“Okay . ” They replied and jumped down . They went over together to help move him .

Upon seeing this, the mercenary was a little startled . He looked at them for a long time before finally lowering his eyes .

They moved him over to a flat place and let him sit down leaning against a stone . He smiled and said: “Okay, I’m fine like that . ”

Feng Jiu took out food and water from space and handed it to him: “Eat something first and drink some water to quench your thirst . ”

“Thank you . ” His chapped lips opened as he spoke and reached out to take the food and water, his heart full of gratitude .

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While he ate, Feng Jiu checked his injuries on his lower body, there were also injuries on the back of his arm and his back . Although the wound was not deep, due to improper treatment, the wound had already deteriorated . The most serious injury was the one on his left leg, it was not only fractured, but the flesh was marked, probably scratched by wild beasts .

“Your injuries are quite serious, especially your leg . ” Feng Jiu said while he was still eating his food .

“Yes, I can only wait for death here . ” He smiled . However, his smile showed sorrow as he said wistfully, “Perhaps it would be better if I died immediately . Waiting to die slowly is worse than death itself . ”

Abandoned by his team, abandoned by his partner, he had wanted to ask them why they didn’t just end his life? Wouldn’t that have been better?

He had followed his team leader for so many years, braved so many dangers together and risked his life for them . Yet they had just left him while he was unable to walk and injured . What was the point in living anymore?

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They knew that by leaving him here, he would either be killed or dragged away by fierce beasts . When he was hungry, he used the dagger they had left him to chip off some bark to eat .

So human nature could really be this selfish, and brothers who said that they would risk their lives for each other until death was false . When he was abandoned by his team, none of the brothers who he’d risked his life for in the past had stood out and spoke up for him .

The brothers who were extremely friendly with him in the past just looked at him with indifference when he was unable to walk or fight anymore . They even took his cosmos sack on his body away .

All they left him with was a rusty dagger, haha, a rusty dagger!

Feng Jiu looked at him and noticed that he was different from the first time they saw him . There was no longer any brilliance between his eyebrows and his body lacked life . There was only indifference and grief, and a breath of extreme disappointment left in him .

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Feng Jiu didn’t ask him about what he had experienced during this time, instead, she said: “Just bear with it while I treat your wound . ” She then gestured for him to remove his clothes and dirty pants, revealing the wound on his thigh .

“Luo Fei, find a piece of bark for him to bite on . ” She instructed without lifting her head .

“No need, this bit of pain is nothing . ” He told Feng Jiu: “I can bear it . ”

After hearing this, Feng Jiu glanced at him and nodded her head . She took a knife out and removed the rotting flesh on the back of his arm and back . She then cleaned the wounds with medicated wine and bandaged them up after sprinkling medicine on the wounds .

After she dealt with the wounds on his arm and back, she moved on to the injuries on his thigh . It was more troublesome due to the fracture .

As he watched the young boy in red tending to his injuries with proficiency, the mercenary asked, startled: “Are you a doctor?”

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