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Published at 14th of June 2020 08:52:02 PM
Chapter 1163

As the first rays of morning light hit the forest, the warmth from the sunshine didn’t bring much warmth to everyone in the forest . The branches were bare and there were no green leaves, the weeds were withered and there was no water at all . Even the birds wouldn’t come to the forest knowing how strange the atmosphere was .

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It was the same during the day once you got used to looking at it . However, at night it was like a ghost forest . It was no wonder that everyone was angry, because all the trees in the forest had died, the fierce beasts that were in the forest had fled elsewhere .

Some of the cultivators who wanted to hunt for fun couldn’t even find half a prey to hunt .

The dark clouds were still surging in the sky . From time to time when the gusts of wind blew through the forest, it felt even more like a ghost forest . The people in the forest felt that the wind blowing made the forest feel creepy .

“What’s going on? We’ve not been able to break through the array since yesterday . Should we try using a fire attack to see if we can burn our way in?” Someone suggested loudly but was opposed by others immediately .

“It won’t work . If a fire attack would work then we wouldn’t still be waiting here . This is array within arrays, one after another . It wasn’t easy to unlock the two of them . ”

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“Then what should we do? It’s been so long, if this continues, the person inside might advance . ”

Upon hearing this, the two hundred odd people fell silent . They felt that there must be a treasure inside this place, otherwise no one would lay such complicated arrays and traps one after another one here .

“What about tunneling through the earth?” Someone shouted: “There are so many of us here, surely there is a cultivator with an earth element within us? We can tunnel through the earth underground and see what’s going on in there . ”

However, after hearing that man’s words, everyone’s eyes fell on him and their faces had a strange expression, as if he had said something weird . After glancing at that cultivator, they ignored him and continued discussing with the people around them .

Upon seeing this, the man scratched his head and asked the person beside him: “What’s wrong with what I said?”

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“That’s because you don’t understand the properties of earth . Even if someone knows how to tunnel through the earth, it’s useless because even if he gets past the arrays he won’t get past the boundary . Do you know how deep he will have to tunnel underground in order to get past the boundary?”

“No, I don’t . Do you not just tunnel under the earth?” The man asked .

“Hmph, if you don’t know then don’t shout . ” The man beside him replied and said nothing more to him .

A day’s time passed once again, just like that . As evening approached, the sky gradually darkened and the surroundings became dark once again . Everyone couldn’t help but be anxious as they still weren’t able to break through the array . Would the third tribulation lightning strike down just like that?

Just as they were thinking about it, the clouds began rolling in the sky and a flash of lightning appeared followed by the last tribulation lightning rumbling down . In an instant, it was not just a breath that slowly swayed outwards, but a powerful pressure of a Nascent Soul cultivator’s strength .

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It was like a huge boulder that was thrown into the sea causing big waves rolling in the sea . The powerful airflow and pressure that swayed outwards had come from within the array and rushed out like a huge wave .

When he saw that, Duan Ye pulled Ning Lang and shouted to Song Ming and Luo Fei: “Get down!”

The four of them along with Cloud Devouring Beast and Flaming Lion lay down on the ground as soon as his voice faded……

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