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Chapter 1157: 1157

When Feng Jiu heard him, she nodded . “Well, then, let me tell you something . ”

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 She sat with him under the tree and told him the things to pay attention to and then also explained to him, “There are people staring at us outside, but there’s no need to take notice . They don’t dare to come in . I’ll let Cloud Devouring Beast stay beside you . If there’s nothing out of the ordinary, nothing should go wrong . ”

 “Alright, I got it . Don’t worry!” He nodded in response .

 Feng Jiu went to the cave-dwelling and returned to her space to cultivate .

 After another half month, the tribulation lightning was heard again . All the people who cultivated at the outer periphery were stunned, especially when they saw that the tribulation lightning condensed at the same place half a month ago .

 “Did we see correctly? Why is it at that place again?”

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 “Darn! Who on earth are these people? Did they come in here purposefully to advance? It’s only been half a month and someone’s advancing again? Could it be that the people inside are from a big clan? ”

 Filled with doubts and curiosity in their hearts, they came to that place again . But this time, no one dared to explore the array again . All the men who went into the place died in a strange manner . They didn’t dare to gamble their lives .

 When they reached that place, the second thunder struck down . They couldn’t help being envious as they heard the rumbling sounds inside . There were so many people advancing . The further one in his cultivation, the more advanced his cultivation could be . But the person inside had gone to the next stage every half-month . This shouldn’t have been the same person, right?

 Yeah, how could it be the same person? It should have been someone from the same clan .

 They wandered around outside . Since no one dared to break the array after the third tribulation lightning struck down, they left one after another .

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 No matter how competent others were, it was those people who advanced and not themselves . So, they didn’t care that much and attended to their own affairs .

 Sure enough, as Feng Jiu had anticipated, it was Song Ming who entered the Golden Core cultivation after Duan Ye .

 When Song Ming opened his eyes and saw Duan Ye, who was protecting him, he couldn’t help jumping up . “Have you advanced earlier? You’re unexpectedly faster than me?”

 Duan Ye glanced at him . “it’s normal for me to be faster than you . Feng Jiu said I fully deserve to be the number one . ” He raised his chin proudly .

 When he heard that, Song Ming curled his lips . “Come on! When did you enter the Golden Core?”

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 “Half a month before . ” Duan Ye answered .

 “Tch! You’re only half a month faster than me!”

 Duan Ye didn’t bother to argue with him, but said, “After I advanced, Feng Jiu went into the cave-dwelling to practice . I was responsible for protecting you . Now that you have entered the Golden Core, we have to be responsible for the other two . ”

 “Don’t worry! I don’t need you to tell me about it . Who makes us all brothers! Right? ” He smiled and patted Duan Ye on the shoulder . He went with Duan Ye to have a look at Ning Lang and Luo Fei .

 “Say, who among them will advance first?” Song Ming asked .

 “It must be Luo Fei!” Duan Ye replied .

 “That’s true, but there are exceptions to everything . Why don’t we make a bet?” Song Ming suggested with a grin .

 “Make a bet? Forget it! I’m not playing . ” Duan Ye waved his hand in reply .

 “Boring . It’s okay to make a small bet . ” He took some wine from the space and took a sip .

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