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Chapter 1151: 1151
Chapter 1151: We have one year

However, when they saw Feng Jiu laying a boundary around them, they were stunned . “Why are you putting a boundary here? Is there any danger?”

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Even if dangers were present, they have a divine beast as well as a sacred beast with them . Should they still be afraid?

After she finished erecting the boundary, Feng Jiu felt at ease and rested under the tree . She motioned to several of them to sit down . “Didn’t I tell you to watch out for the snakes at this place? I’m telling you, I ran into it just now . It’s the same giant snake that was chasing me before . ”

“That giant snake is not weak in combat and is highly poisonous . Be on guard against it, because if you’re not, you’ll find out that it’s too late . ” While telling them this, she was pondering over the matter .

This place hadn’t reached the inner perimeter but at the outer perimeter area that was a bit closer to that inner part . If they went further in again, perhaps she wouldn’t be able to take care of them when the time came . If an unexpected mishap happened to them as a result of their experience outside, she wouldn’t be able to explain to their families or to the academy’s headmaster .

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When she thought of this, she couldn’t help pondering . She wondered whether she should have made some changes to her original plan . After all, they were only at the Foundation Building and had not reached the Golden Core stage yet .

By the way, during the Foundation Building stage, she could try to find a place to get them to enter the Golden Core stage with the help of liquid potions . This way, their experience outside could have some effects . Maybe she could go to the inner perimeter to temper herself, but they wouldn’t do well there .

After making up her mind, the tension in her heart was gradually loosened . If they stayed only on the outer area, she was confident that they wouldn’t be in any mortal danger .

“Feng Jiu? Feng Jiu?” Song Ming called out several times . He saw her focused look as if she was mulling over some stuff .

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“Hmm?” She recovered her senses and glanced back at him . “What’s the matter?”

“I was just going to ask you if something’s wrong? Why are you sitting there in a daze? Are you alright? What are you thinking about? You seemed to be in a trance . ” Song Ming asked . If he hadn’t seen her body free of any wounds, he would have thought she was injured!

She shook her head . “I’m alright . I was thinking that all of us should return to the place where we set up the boundary! Your experience outside is almost the same these days . The inner perimeter is too dangerous for you who only have Foundation Building strength . Let’s go there first to improve your strength . ”

Hearing this, several of them were startled . “Does that mean we aren’t going to the inner perimeter?”

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“It’s too dangerous to go with our current strength . Let’s wait for you to enter the Golden Core stage!” She took a look at some of them and continued . “Don’t forget that I only take you for one year . I reckon that it would be time for you to go back after cultivating inside the boundary and advance . ”

Those few people were silent when they heard this . Yeah! If she didn’t tell them, they would have forgotten about the one year period . It had been several months since they arrived here . In the blink of an eye, the time had passed so quickly .

The thought that they would have to part with her as soon as the one year period arrived made them reluctant . They couldn’t deny that at the beginning, they were not very willing to follow . When they arrived at this juncture, having done an experience outside with Feng Jiu, they had trusted and depended whole-heartedly on her . If one day they had to separate, that…

When they imagined the scene of their separation one day in the future and the possibility of never meeting her again, they could only hang their heads down and hide the reluctance in their eyes . However, they couldn’t conceal their depressed moods…

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