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Published at 6th of June 2020 03:20:06 PM
Chapter 1150: 1150
Chapter 1150: It’s good not to be the enemy

Even though it didn’t lay the egg, at least it had guarded the egg for so long . Now, it had become someone else’s . What to think? His heart couldn’t get over this crisis and neither could it accept the fact .

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All of a sudden, a bear’s roar hollered over, followed by several roars . The roar made the airflow in the air fluctuate . When they heard loud thumping sounds being transmitted over, it seemed that something was running this way .

“That’s a man-eating bear!”

As the eagle spoke, it stood up and looked towards the forest . “Let’s go quickly!” It told them . “There are many man-eating bears in this area and one of them has reached the divine beast level . The man-eating bear’s power is boundless . You are not its match . Let’s go!”


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“Thump thump!”

As soon as the eagle finished speaking, several big black bears sprang out of the forest . Each was two or three meters tall . They stooped down, revealing shiny sharp claws while staring at them . The bears grimaced, exposing their teeth and roaring at them .

While raising her vital energy, Feng Jiu saw these big black bears and felt familiar with them . Because she recalled Xiao Hei helping guard her cave-dwelling, they didn’t fight . After the eagle flapped its wings and flew, she took Ning Lang on her flying feather and flew into the air . They stopped mid-air and looked at the big black bears that were staring at them .

One of them came thumping away from behind . That one was bigger than other man-eating bears . The bear stared at the two people, took another look at the eagle, and finally turned around and left .

Ning Lang breathed a sigh of relief . “We’re in luck . If I have to fight again, I may get even more injuries . ”

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“Alright, let’s go! Let’s join up with Duan Ye and others first . ” While speaking, Feng Jiu took Ning Lang aboard the flying feather to return . The eagle was opening the way in front of them . Not long after, they saw Duan Ye and others coming their way on their flying swords .

“Feng Jiu! Ning Lang! Are you guys alright?”

They were relieved to see both of them still alive .

“I got hurt . The pain is killing me . ” Ning Lang said with a bitter face . However, recalling the little thing in his arms, he smiled excitedly . “By the way, let me tell you! I picked up a little bird . It’s not a common one . ”

He took the bird out of his arms and showed it to them as if it was a treasure . “Look, here it is . ”

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The eagle looked at it from the side and snorted, but it said nothing .

Duan Ye and several others were surprised to see the bird . In fact, they thought it’s similar to a chicken . The difference was that the little thing’s feathers were colourful, similar to a parrot .

“Okay, what are we doing talking in mid-air? Let’s get down . ” Feng Jiu took Ning Lang down to the forest below while the others followed behind .

“We came here following the signal . Luckily, we have Cloud Devouring Beast with us . Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to stop the long-legged birds we met in mid-air . ” Luo Fei said . He looked at Feng Jiu and asked, “What happened with that eagle? Why is it with you? ”

Feng Jiu smiled and told them about her experience . Finally, she said, “That’s it . Instead of following us, I’d better say that the eagle is following Ning Lang’s contracted small bird . ”

“That’s good . As long as it doesn’t attack us . ” Luo Fei exhaled gently, knowing that the divine beast was no longer hostile . Otherwise, with their strength, they couldn’t hold up against one more such enemy .

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