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Published at 5th of June 2020 02:30:05 PM
Chapter 1148: 1148
Chapter 1148: Running away

He flew out of the forest on his magic artifact . When he saw the familiar figure from afar in midair, he was almost in tears . “Feng Jiu!”

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These days, they had been accustomed to trusting her and relying on her, no matter what kind of situation they were in . As long as she was there, they all believed that their misfortune would turn into blessings .

He was caught by the eagle before and it was the same situation now . Just, why was the eagle following Feng Jiu?

He was in endless bewilderment mixed with excitement, worry and doubt .

And at the moment when he came flying in, Feng Jiu was relieved . This fatty finally used his brain . However, in the next moment, her expression changed . She screamed .

“Be careful!”

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A giant tiger suddenly shot up into the sky from the woods . Unlike the one she saw earlier, the tiger’s forefoot wasn’t hurt . When it flapped its unfurled wings, wind blades flew straight up . The tiger opened its mouth and pounced on the fatty in midair .


Ning Lang cried out and immediately took out his long sword and used his spirit energy to face the pouncing tiger . The fierce sword intent burst forth and a stream of spirit energy chopped at the tiger . It only injured the extreme end of the flying tiger’s wings . However, instead of stopping its attack, the tiger became even fiercer and filled with more bloodthirst intent .


The angry roar came out with the attacking pressure of the sacred beast which made Ning Lang’s eardrums ring in excruciating pain . His internal vital energy and blood were also boiling as if they were about to rush forth and spurt out .

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He turned pale under the pressure of the sacred beast . He did his best to stabilize his body, but since he’s still trying to avoid the pouncing flying tiger, his whole body fell off the flying magic artifact .


His panic sound was heard across the horizon . At that moment, a red figure swept out to catch him before he fell to the ground . The flying tiger fled back to the forest in panic by the eagle’s divine beast pressure . It didn’t dare to stay there .

“Feng Jiu, I thought I was dead . ” He spread out his arms and was about to hug her, but he couldn’t get half a step closer to reach her shoulder . Seeing this, he could only look at her in tears .

“How did you get so badly hurt?” Feng Jiu frowned and looked at the blood oozing from his lower leg . She supported him to sit and leaned him against a tree . “Your bandaging isn’t good . It’s too messy . The wound is still leaking blood!”

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“Those two tigers scratched me . Just because they were both sacred beasts, they bullied me . So I was continuously running . If I didn’t run fast enough, I would have been eaten up by them before you came to save me . ” When he recounted back all that had happened, he was filled with grievances as he said sulkily .

Feng Jiu untied the cloth stained with blood on his calf and could not help but raise her eyebrows . There was a badly mangled part where the flesh had been exposed, showing that the wound was serious .

“It’s easy to get infected if you put the medicine directly on without cleaning the wound first . Please bear it . I’ll clean it up and reapply the medicine for you . ” She spoke as she took something out of her space and started to treat his wound .

“Feng Jiu, why was that eagle with you?” Looking at the eagle flying down after circling in midair, he could not help but tighten his body and instinctively protect the egg in his arms .

“Originally, it was chasing after me for the egg . But then, it was caught and I saved it . Now, it’s following me to get the egg back from you . ” After mentioning this, she glanced back at the eagle .

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