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Chapter 1132: 1132
Chapter 1132: Long-Billed Blood Bird

Everyone was dumbfounded .

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“That, does that boy in red not want to live anymore? He’s actually chasing the eagle on a feather?”

“Psst! That eagle is a Spirit Beast! It’s a fierce beast from the inner circle and its flying towards the inner circle now!”

“Oh my god! It’s a Spirit Beast, other than the Ancient Spirit Beast, that’s the highest level beast! Even Nascent Soul cultivators can’t defeat Spirit Beasts, that young boy is going to die!”

“That young boy looks familiar!”

“Hmmm, dressed all in red and is flying on a flying feather… . . ah! I remember now! Some time ago when a young boy was intercepted in mid-air, he killed all those who intercepted him by himself . ”

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“Yes, yes, that’s right! It’s him!”

“He’s like a newborn calf with no fear of a tiger . Does he not know how powerful a Spirit Beast is, he actually dares to chase after him into the inner circle . And he’s flying in the air on a feather too . He’s putting himself in the sight of other flying beasts and making himself a target . ”

“Pity, what a pity . I was only saying the other day that this young boy would have a boundless future . Today he is seeking his own death, alas!”

Everywhere in the forest, some teams and casual cultivators gathered around to discuss . If they were in his shoes and their companion was captured by the beast, would they go and rescue him? The answer was most definitely no because they didn’t have the capabilities and it would be a wasted trip .

In the end, not only would they be unable to save their companion, but they would probably lose their life as well . Only a fool would do that .

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In the air, Feng Jiu was chasing after the eagle on her flying feather . The eagle’s speed was very fast, therefore, even though it saw someone chasing after it from behind, it ignored it .

A human being is like an ant in the eyes of a Spirit Beast . A swat and it would be dead . They were weak, therefore, it didn’t take the person chasing it into consideration .

Because the eagle had a headstart and was flying at a very fast speed, she was unable to close the distance between them . At this time, a flock of Long-Billed Blood Birds with pointy beaks flew out from the forest .


The noise the birds made when they opened their beaks startled her . The noise was similar to a crow but it also sounded like a human shrieking, it’s voice was sharp and raspy .

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When the Long-Billed Blood birds flew towards her flapping their wings, their pointy beaks snapping at her, she took out her long sword and swished out a breath of energy with her sword towards the birds .

Half of the Long-Billed Blood birds were slashed in half by her sword energy and fell to the ground making loud and sharp shrieking noises . Some of the remaining birds flew towards her and were killed in the same manner . Finally, there were less than ten birds left and they could only flap their wings shrieking in mid-air as they stared at Feng Jiu, not daring to come close .

Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu put her sword away . Her clear eyes glanced coldly at the birds before she continued flying forwards . She pushed on with her flying feather as the eagle had put more distance between them .

Somewhere behind, out of Feng Jiu’s sight, the flock of birds flew back into the forest where they came from when they saw her leave . They settled down by their companions’ corpses, their pointy beaks pecked at the flesh and blood of the dead birds… .

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