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Published at 21st of May 2020 04:45:06 AM
Chapter 1118: 1118
Chapter 1118: Taking them inside

As expected, just after she left, the two people behind her were unable to hold back . They grabbed one with curiosity, plucked its head and tail off, and tasted it . As soon as it entered their mouths, the special smell made Ning Lang and Song Ming vomit on the spot . They were half bent and their faces turned pale at that moment . They spat the bugs out with all their strengths without neglecting to stare at Luo Fei who laughed boisterously .

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“Hahahaha, you fools . You actually believed it . ”

Lue Fei laughed and patted his thigh with one hand . The two men were half-stooped after eating the big bug . He was immediately delighted at their nauseated look . He had to control himself since he had to endure the disgust of chewing so many of them,

Even the serious-faced Duan Ye was also smiling . He asked, “The taste isn’t bad, is it?”

“That’s right . We ate four and you got only one each . You guys earned it . ” Luo Fei grinned . He took out the water bag from the space and gargled .

Ning Lang and Song Ming looked at them in silence . These two cheaters . They wouldn’t have been fooled if they hadn’t seen the other guy guys eat with relish .

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Who would have thought that they could eat that stinky stuff as if those were delicacies?

“All right, all right . Tell us about it . Did you turn in all the beast crystals you got? What a surprise! I can’t believe you can get so many animal crystals in ten days . ”

Luo Fei looked at the two of them in astonishment . Indeed, he never thought that they could obtain so many beast crystals and took all of them out . If the other team had kept some beast crystals like them, maybe they would not have lost .

“That is, do you think we’re weaker than you?” Ning Lang snorted and was secretly pleased .

Several of them looked at each other and smiled . They stopped speaking . Instead, they all went to the simple wooden house to rest and treat their wounds .

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In the evening, Feng Jiu asked them to rest for two days and recover from their injuries . So that night, they roasted meat, prepared wine, and called Feng Jiu to come out and eat . After two days of rest, the injuries on their bodies were almost healed .

Because most of their injuries were superficial wounds, plus the medicine was given to them by Feng Jiu, the wounds scabbed over after only two days . After the two days rest, they went out again . Ten days later, then returned with beast crystals…

This time, Luo Fei and Duan Ye won, while Ning Lang and Song Ming were punished . They were still eating the big white bugs raw .

In this way, they spent another month here, until, one month later in the early morning, they came to the cave .

“Feng Jiu?”

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Cloud Devouring Beast came out and looked at them while inquiring silently .

“We’re going out . We’re here to tell him . ” When Feng Jiu didn’t come out, they asked Cloud Devouring Beast to pass the message on their behalf . However, when they were about to turn around and leave, they heard Feng Jiu’s voice coming from behind .

“You’ve hunted and killed so many ferocious beasts . All the beasts in this area must have been killed off . The rest is too low-grade and doesn’t pose a challenge for you to kill . Alright! I’ll show you around the place a little bit inside . ”

The corner of her lips curled up . She told the few of them with a smile, “However, you’d better be prepared . If you go a little further, you can find evil cultivators or loose cultivators looting others almost at every part of the area . ”

“Do you want to leave this place?”

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