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Published at 20th of May 2020 04:45:06 AM
Chapter 1115: 1115
Chapter 1115: Who wins and who loses?

“The two of us have two hundred and eighty-five altogether . As we act as a group, we didn’t divide them out . ” Luo Fei explained . There was a pile of colourful beast crystal in front of them .

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Some of these beast crystals were from killing the beasts, while some others from robbing those evil cultivators . Anyway, they brought them back . Of course, they got more than these . But after discussing it, taking out this amount was enough . They didn’t believe that Ning Lang could take out more beast crystals than them in a short ten days .

But soon after, when they saw Ning Lang raised his chin proudly and smiled at them, they suddenly had a bad feeling .

These two couldn’t really outnumber them, could they?

“We have 498 beast crystals, some of which are from the ninth-rank ferocious beasts . ” Ning Lang not only reported the quantity but also the attribute and rank of the beast crystals .

Once Feng Jiu heard this, her smile deepened .

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Worthy of being a young expert in making money, he was so attentive to even distinguished the ranks and attributes of the beast crystals . And, judging by the number he reported, he didn’t leave anything out . Instead, they were determined to win .

In the end, Ning Lang said: “Although you told us to report each of our own numbers, after some thoughts, we’re divided into two teams . Therefore, winning or losing will be based on teams rather than on individuals . ”

The implication was that whether winning or losing, they were willing to assume responsibilities and share benefits jointly .

Seeing this, Feng Jiu nodded to herself . She looked at the two of them, then looked at the stunned Luo Fei and Duan Ye who pursed his lips . She smiled and told them, “Hand over half of your 285 pieces to me and the rest go to Ning Lang and Song Ming . ”

Duan Ye didn’t say anything . After all, Ning Lang indeed took out a lot more beast crystals than them . If they took theirs out of the space, their numbers would be close . But, even if they wanted to take it out now, it was already too late .

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“How did you get so much?” Luo Fei asked incredulously, wondering where these beast crystals came from .

“Aside from those that we hunted and killed, we targeted a group of evil cultivators who numbered more than 20 people . We used tricks to cheat them and killed them one by one . Their things naturally also became ours . ”

Ning Lang answered proudly . He grabbed those evil practitioners by their greed and baited them with treasures . Although they still had to fight them at the end, this method was much more convenient to use and could reduce the risk of danger .

They wouldn’t slaughter the innocents wilfully and would only kill evil practitioners . As for loose cultivators, as long as they didn’t offend them, they would just look for the opportunity to seize their Heaven and Earth Bags and leave without hurting them at all .

“Then why did you take all these out? You should have kept a little bit, ah! I totally thought we were going to win . ” Luo Fe said, still wondering how he lost to them .

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He calculated well . He planned to win this time and then the second time . Who knew…

However, he had no idea that it was because he calculated too long that he lost to Ning Lang and Song Ming .

Compared to Luo Fei, Ning Lang only used the simplest and direct method . If he wants to win, he must win steadily . He didn’t want to win by fluke, so he took out all the beast crystals he had obtained .

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