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Published at 19th of May 2020 04:45:05 AM
Chapter 1111: 1111
Chapter 1111: No one can escape

While they were frightened, the red robed youth in their midst moved his hand . A strip of red silk flew out from his waist and wrapped around his hand, while the other end came toward them and struck one of the Foundation Building cultivators in the neck with lightning speed .

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Without a scream or cry of alarm, the red silk rope infused with spirit energy breath instantly transformed into a killing machine when it brushed the Foundation Building cultivator’s neck . Blood was spilt . The red silk sash returned and attacked another person . That Foundation Building cultivator fell down from the air after his throat was slashed and lost his life .


When those next to the cultivator saw this scene, they finally recovered from the shock and dodged quickly . However, those who were slow only saw the red silk sash coming their way and when they tried to avoid it, powerful pressure came from the rope and hemmed them in . A terrifying and strong pressure shook them so that they had no way to escape . They could only look on helplessly when its murderous intent drew near .


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A scream came out from one of the Foundation Building cultivators in the back . He turned around in fright and wanted to escape after watching people dying in quick succession from the red silk sash’s attacks .

While the young man in red was dealing with the people in front of him, he was the first to turn around and run away .

“Come back!”

The three Golden Core cultivators recovered from the shock . They shouted angrily when they saw someone was trying to escape . However, immediately, they witnessed the red silk sash catch the escaping Foundation Building cultivator’s feet and dragged him back alive .

“No, no! Let me go! I don’t want to die yet!”

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He begged for mercy with a voice filled with fright . In his view, having his feet bound by the red silk sash was like being dragged by the Grim Reaper to Hell . He was so scared that he struggled and unsheathed his sword, trying to cut off the red silk .

Unexpectedly, when his sword cut at that red silk, it was repelled by a breath of spirit energy . Seeing this scene, how could he not know that the red silk sash was a rare magic weapon?

“Kill him! Either he dies or we die!”

The three Golden Core cultivators shouted harshly . If they couldn’t retreat, their only option was giving their all to kill the boy in red! Otherwise, none of them would survive .

The Foundation Building cultivators who wanted to escape still had some lingering fear . However, after hearing those three Golden Core cultivator’s urging and seeing that they could not escape at all, they realized that fighting was their only alternative . So, they gritted their teeth and forged ahead with their swords in hand .

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Since they couldn’t escape, they would fight for their lives!

The battle started and their murderous intent emerged . The less than ten remaining people besieged and went up in an attempt to kill Feng Jiu . However, Feng Jiu didn’t attack and didn’t rouse her killing intent . However, once she started, it’s impossible for these people to be her opponents .

The fierce murderous intent in midair was accompanied by whistling airflows . A figure in red stood on the rainbow coloured glazed feathers, fighting against the loose cultivators . The spirit energy fluctuated in the air like grain patterns with the swell of battle and murderous intent .

The stream of air solidified slightly . The Golden Core cultivators fought with all their strength . Those Foundation Building cultivators were unable to withstand the shock from powerful pressures that their face paled and their internal vital energy and blood were thrown into disorder .


A Foundation Building cultivator couldn’t hold up and spurted out a mouthful of blood . He staggered back on the flying sword and fell down .

In rapid succession, the same thing happened to several other Foundation Building cultivators who were either killed or struck and fell down to the forest below .

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