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Chapter 1110: 1110
Chapter 1110: In a bad mood

“How can there be a giant beast at the saint beast peak-stage here?”

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They knew that there were ferocious beasts at the Hell Mountains . But this place was not yet at its depth, only at its outer circle . In such a place, even if a saint beast indeed existed, it was impossible for it to be a saint beast at the peak-stage .

At this time, however, the pressure emitted by the giant snake below was precisely that of a saint beast peak-stage . They finally understood . No wonder there were so many poisonous snakes around here . The saint beast peak-stage was a snake . Not to mention the periphery, even if it was inside, this snake could become the Snake King .

As they paused mid-air in horror, looking at the giant snake below, the snake raised its head, swept its fierce, bloodthirsty eyes over them and surveyed them, then withdrew, as if in search of something . It ignored them and went on further into the woods .

Seeing this, several people in midair breathed out a sigh of relief as they watched the giant snake go away . The snake’s tail was still beating the ground from time to time as if saying: I’m here . They were shocked and confused at the same time .

What was this snake looking for?

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Feng Jiu was sitting on the flying feather going back in order to avoid the snakes on the ground . At the same time, she paid attention to the ground below to see if the giant snake would appear .

Up to now, she couldn’t understand why the snake didn’t explode to death after taking her pill . On the contrary, it seemed to advance? Was it mutated? Why was there a big red bump on the top of its head?

While she was busy thinking, suddenly a whooshing sound came . A murderous weapon was shot into the air towards her from the ground below . When she recovered her wits, she avoided the secret weapon and looked down sharply .

A dozen or more cultivators rose on their flying swords from below, dispersed around her and surrounded her . Each and every one of them was staring at her maliciously . To be correct, they were staring at the flying feather where she was sitting .

“Rainbow-coloured glazed feather, kid, where did you get it?” A cultivator glared at Feng Jiu . Greed was apparent in his eyes .

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Feng Jiu looked askance at them . “Where did I get it and how? Do you want to rob me? Do you have the skill?” There were thirteen of them, ten of whom were Foundation Building cultivators and the other three were Golden Core cultivators . Did they want to rob her stuff with this kind of line-up?

However, in this miserable place, it would take three steps to encounter a beast and ten steps to encounter robbers . It’s too ridiculous . She tried to avoid the snakes and returned to the cave to refine pills, but she was able to meet the men who targeted her .

From her original sitting position, she unfurled the feathers gently and jumped up . Her fluttering red robe was flying in the wind and her beautiful face became cold and fierce as if covered with cold frost .

‘I’m in a bad mood now! If you come to provoke me, don’t blame me for being rude to those who come my way . ”

Her cold voice was accompanied by a spread of chill . Her frosty killing intent dispersed from her body . As soon as the momentum changed, the person was simply transformed from the previous indolent her .

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Seeing the young man in red became fierce and cold in an instant, with killing intent and intimidating pressure, those over a dozen people were shocked . Some were stunned and hesitant .

How could a person suddenly become like a killing god? The young man’s aura, his killing intent, made them all astonished . Did they do right to provoke him?

At this moment, some people hesitated . After all, they’ve survived this place for so long . At present, from the hint in the eyes as well as the young man’s imposing manner, they knew that he was not someone they could offend .

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