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Published at 15th of May 2020 04:45:05 AM
Chapter 1106: 1106

Feng Jiu didn’t respond to what the man behind her was saying but stared at the front half-squinting . The group of evil cultivators blocking the way in front smiled maliciously, waiting for her with swords in hand .

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 “Oh, shoot! What luck?!”

 She stared at those evil practitioners in front waiting for her . She could not help feeling bloodthirsty anger in her heart . Obviously, she did not want to provoke others, but these people came to provoke her . Did they think she was easy to bully?

 When she thought of her pursuers as well as those blocking her way, her mind started racing . She swept a gaze over those people in front and a dim glow floated in her eyes .

 “Help me! Robbers! Help me… . ”

 She cried in horror and ran toward the evil cultivators . From time to time, she looked back in panic at the cultivators behind .

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 After those evil practitioners heard Feng Jiu’s words, their gazes naturally fell on the few cultivators at her back . They saw that one of them was a Nascent Soul cultivator and the other three were Golden Core cultivators . There was still one of them who was running while being supported by the three men . He looked physically weak .

 Seeing these people, the evil cultivators sneered . “Take them down!” Immediately, the crowd rushed over .

 “Stop him! That kid robbed our cosmos sacks! ” The Golden Core cultivator shouted angrily . However, when he saw that those people were evil cultivators, his expression changed .

 “It’s bad! They’re evil cultivators! Let’s go quickly!”

 The emaciated middle-aged man, supported by several people, yelled and grabbed one of the cultivators to take him away immediately . “Let’s go quickly! Leave the cosmos sack, we can’t fall into the hands of evil cultivators!”

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 When that Golden Core cultivator responded and took him away, he saw the situation suddenly changed . The red figure swept using some strange steps and passed those evil cultivators daringly . She circled around them, took all their cosmos sacks, and then left abruptly .

 Not only several of them were stunned, but those evil cultivators who rushed forward with their swords drawn were also stunned and turned stiff for a long time midair . When they looked down, they saw the cosmos sacks loaded with treasures at their waists were gone .

 “Damn it! That kid stole our cosmos sacks!”

 “Bastard! He actually came up with a plan to target us! Courting death!”

 “Catch him!”

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 “Kill him!”

 For a time, the evil cultivators clamoured angrily . They who had originally charged against the few cultivators were now all staring at the red figure running away from them . Each and every one of them flushed with anger and chased after her .

 “Return our cosmos sacks!”

 “Return our treasures!”

 “Brat! Stop right there!”

 The Nascent Soul cultivator, as well as the three Golden Core cultivators and the middle-aged mad, were all stunned . It took a long time for them to recover . Seeing that so many evil cultivators were chasing the young man in red, they finally rejoiced to see her misfortune .

 “I’d like to see where he can escape this time!”

 “He’s got guts! Two of these evil cultivators were Nascent Souls . He actually came up with the idea to target them . He’s clearly seeking death!”

 “Chase! Let’s chase after him! I don’t believe he can escape right under our noses! ”

 They shouted angrily . Once again, they were pursuing the figure in red . The difference was there were dozens of evil cultivators in front of them shouting abuses…

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