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Chapter 1102: 1102

While in panic, that group of cultivators was buried inside the snakes’ bellies with no bones left… . .

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 The Snake King increased its pace again, and quickly, it left the swarm of snakes behind and chased after Feng Jiu alone . But, even though the snake moved fast, once Feng Jiu overtook it, finding her was not an easy feat .

 Therefore, when it couldn’t find the red figure after chasing her for some distance, it frantically struck its tail on the ground to vent its anger .

 After shaking off the Snake King, Feng Jiu exhaled softly while sitting at a spring in the forest . After washing her face, she scooped some spring water with both hands to drink .

 The mountain forest’s spring water bubbled forth from the ground beneath . It was ice-cold and refreshingly sweet, perfect for quenching thirst . After a short rest, she took out the water bag from the space and filled it up . Then swept the surroundings with her consciousness . After making sure that no one was around, she flashed into space .

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 As soon as she entered the space, Old White ran over . When she saw the horse put on weight after being raised inside the space, Feng Jiu’s lips curved up . She patted Old White that came in front of her . After looking at it from up to bottom, she remarked, “What were you eating here? How did you get fat again?”

 “Mistress, the spirit energy is rich here . I’m idle and just by walking about all day, naturally, I got fat . ” Old White rubbed against her neck affectionately . “Mistress, why didn’t you come in to see me for so long? ”

  “It’s inconvenient to come in . ” She smoothed the horse’s mane . “You didn’t touch the fruit tree I moved in, did you?”

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 “I went to see it . Since the fruit was not ripe, I didn’t eat it . ” Old White answered in a hurry .

 Upon hearing this, several black lines crossed her forehead . It’s not that it didn’t intend to eat it stealthily, but that it couldn’t as the fruits weren’t ripe .

 “I told you before, ah! I forbid you to eat the stuff here, so you can’t eat them . If not, I’ll be angry . ” In addition to some precious spirit herbs, there were some things she hoarded here .

 Now, regarding this spirit bottle tree fruit, she knew that it was a spirit fruit, but she had no idea what kind . This must not have been an ordinary fruit tree since it made the Snake King chase her relentlessly day and night .

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 “Rest assured, Mistress! I won’t eat it secretly . ”

 Old White grinned . It didn’t have much confidence in saying this . However, it had been with Feng Jiu for a long time . Naturally, it knew that she would do what she said . So, with her warning, it didn’t dare to act too recklessly here .

 After glancing at it, Feng Jiu came under the bottle tree . When she saw the meagre amount of fruits hanging on the top branch of the tree, she was astonished . “There are only five pieces of fruit?”

 With a little tiptoe, she raised her vital energy and sat at the top branch . Looking at the fruits hanging under the leaves between the branches, she blinked .

 The fruit was a fist’s size . It was still green and was shaped like a lucky bag, somewhat similar to a pomegranate . But it differed in that the fruit had stripes on its skin that divided it into eight segments . The fruit also emitted faint spirit energy as well as a strong fragrance .

 “How odd, Saying this a pomegranate was also incorrect . According to what I have seen so far, there seems to be no such fruit!” She murmured softly . She was puzzled, pondering about the kind of spirit fruit this spirit bottle tree was producing .

 Unfortunately, they’re not ripe yet . Otherwise, she could taste one first and see its effect .

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